UK garage art-rock artists have released their 5th and final EP before their LP comes out. A groove-filled, three-song extravaganza that catapults 9 O’Clock Nasty’s sound up to the next level. Rock, rap, and rockabilly; check out this three-for-one special within the art-rock EP “Cut”.

All right people, you know what time it is! But first of all, welcome back. I hope you’re safe, sound and feeling great today. By the time I’m writing this, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp server’s have fallen down! I sure hope their team get it sorted out soon enough, so we can keep delivering to you great music through our socials!

That being said, is time for another great EP by UK’s nasty trio, 9 O’CLOCK NASTY. This marks their fifth EP up to date and with it it brings a new, groovy sound to the table. This three songs gather up all that’s good from great genres like rock and roll, punk and rockabilly! All of them sure to make you move and dance with the nasty twist.

“Dead Planet”, “Gravy Train” and “THX1138”, are the titles for such songs and all three of them have a unique essence worth to be discovered. So let’s get to it.

Starting right away and with no hold backs, “Dead Planet” starts with an instantly memorable guitar riff. Sexy, mysterious and all around cool, this guitar riff gives me a 70’s James Bond vibes, only cooler. The chorus is catchy and easy to learn, you’ll be singing along in no time.

Next, we have the Rockabilly beat “Gravy Train”, with a bass line that’ll make you go *Uff*. Fast paced, soaking with swing and creamy guitars with simple hooks that’ll melt your face. Lyrics are angry and choruses are wild. All aboard the Gravy Train!

And to wrap it all up, last song “THX1138” goes all-in with high gain guitars shredding a simple chord progression laying the path for a full four-to-the-flour rhythm on the drums and the massive low notes of the bass. Distorted, angry vocals cut through the noise. Impetuous and raw.

“All three songs touch on serious politics and important issues but deliver with the band’s customary gentle humour and side-eyed view at the world. Innocent & Nasty.

This EP, in my opinion, carries a more polished sound and a more musical approach than its predecessors, which by the way, if you missed, you can find them right here: Growl, and Dust.

To talk about this changes I had a little chat with Ted Pepper and Pete Brock, which you can find only here, in Less Than 1k:

MDZN: Hello guys! It’s a pleasure to talk with you. First of all, congratulations on your new EP! I can tell a great amount of progress has been made on your sound and music since I first reviewed you on “Growl”. Tell me, was this musical progress planned, or are you guys just flowing through what sounds best?

9 O’CLOCK NASTY: “We tend to work on songs in small pieces so Gravy Train was recorded over nine or ten days and we threw a lot away before we got it refined down to something tight. Dead Planet was just one brilliant evening when everything worked right. Sometimes it’s about discipline, sometimes it’s spontaneous. We feel like we’re gradually working towards a sound but half the fun is in surprising people with something different.

MDZN: Totally, I find that very interesting. And even though it sounds different it still carries your very own essence. I’m aware you’ve saved the best for last for your LP release. Can we except a similar sound to “Cut” or will you continue to surprise us with something else?

9 O’CLOCK NASTY: “Catch Nasty, our LP, is intended to help people get up to speed with what we are doing so most of it is material from the earlier songs but sometimes reworked and remixed. We added a lot of small pieces of music and dialogue between songs. There is some new material too – we did a cover version of the Bauhaus song Terror Couple Kill Colonel which we hope captures some of the original but takes it into a whole new direction.

The big changes comes with the single in November and the EP that will follow that 🙂

MDZN: “Well, that sure sounds promising guys. I for myself can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store for us! I’m sure your fans feel the same. I like this sense of freedom you guys have, in the sense that you don’t mind re-working on previously released tracks, remixing and such. Is all this pre-meditated or do you just go like “fuck it, let’s do it again”? 🙂

9 O’CLOCK NASTY: “Well we sit quietly and then we go “fuck it, let’s do it again!” We always planned to rework songs for the LP because it is very different having a 35 minute piece of music than a lot of 2 minute songs to play on Spotify. But most of what we do is “fuck it, let’s do that.”

MDZN: “Would you say that one is better than the other? Having a 35 minute piece of music versus the single 2 minute songs I mean.

9 O’CLOCK: “They’re totally different – to sit down and just enjoy an LP is a different thing , we have albums we love and would always listen to from beginning to end, and for our first physical product (a CD) we didn’t want to just stick a load of mp3 on a piece of plastic. There is no love in that. Also a 35 minute thing is more than 17 times better than a 2 minute thing.

MDZN: “Can’t argue with that! Alright guys, to wrap things up, where will your LP be available for purchase and is there any message you want to send to your fans?

9 O’CLOCK: “It is on our Bandcamp page, https://9oclocknasty.bandcamp.com – we will send anyone that follows us on Bandcamp or joins our newsletter a 10% off discount code as a thank you. As a message we’d just say play your music loud, play it often, but always dance as if someone is watching. Thank you.”

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