Kate Brunotts “GEMINI”

In her newest project, Kate Brunotts fights against losing sight of who we are: ‘GEMINI’ will make you think twice about how you present yourself online .

New York based producer Kate Brunotts is a creative who doesn’t follow labels or trends: she creates them. With her innovative producing skills shining through as she keeps defining her own brand of indietronic pop music, Brunotts is using the power of her music to its full potential to create a new world inspired by her imagination and emotions.

GEMINI is the first track of her recently released EP, all caps, which features her previous single PROJECTIONS as well.

all caps focuses on separation of the self: specifically, the wavering line that divides the physical self from the digital self. The project opens up and dissects the psychological and emotional strain that comes with managing two different identities, acknowledging the eternal fight for dominance between them, and it is throughout the six songs that the idea is explored further and further as Burnotts is worn thin by the modern world until she’s nothing more than codes on a screen. 

As the first song in the tracklist, GEMINI introduces this concept of the EP in an intriguing and spectacular fashion. In it, Brunotts describes the facade people wear and portray online and its consequences in the physical world. 

Using the concept of two twins and two faces associated with the zodiac sign, Gemini, as an allegory to people having more than one identity, the artist alludes to how our digital persona is quickly consuming our physical identity — that which should be our authentic self. GEMINI touches upon the immortalization of content and how it feels to sink into this sweet honey of recognition and approval, without realizing we will sooner or later be stung by the harsh reality… and the longer it takes to snap from this fantasy, the harder it will be to stop the suffocation and it’s caused.

Official lyrics video for “GEMINI”

I produced this track after being inspired by the eerie soundscapes of FKA Twigs and feeling a distinct separation between who I am personally and digitally. I thought it was important for the bed of the sound to be made up of my own distorted vocal samples, with my true vocal singing on top of it. I started with the vocal samples and built up the beat from there,” Brunotts says about the sound.

This experimental electronic sound feels right at home in an EP that focuses on digitalization and depersonalization we might subconsciously go through. In an abstract pop song, the addition of unconventional, high pitch elements that contrast with Brunotts’ voice and turn the song from a usual pop track into an avant-garde, atmospheric piece of art. 

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