Saves The Witch “Dear Edea”

We’re glad to announce that Southport, United States-based post-rock/progressive/shoegaze artist Saves The Witch has released a new single, entitled “Dear Edea.”

Saves The Witch is the instrumental music project of Eric Maynes, who plays guitar, bass, and drums. His music takes complicated emotions and runs them through a lush pedalboard, creating sometimes synth-like but always guitar-driven sound. “Sometimes we have a hard time finding the words to express complicated emotions, and I’ve come to learn that in music that’s actually okay. We don’t always need words,” Eric says.

Influenced by bands such as Coheed and Cambria, Covet, God Is An Astronaut, and This Will Destroy You, Eric started Saves The Witch during the quarantine; and his debut album from June 2021, Elements of Alchemy, has since received indie radio play worldwide as well as having been featured in several online publications. In addition to creating music, STW is also an active member of the gear community on Reddit, and even does pedal demos from time to time.

The first single from Saves The Witch’s follow-up album keeps the same haunting vibes and lush post-rock elements. “Dear Edea” is about the limits of love; how far do we go for those we care about? Will we stay with them during their worst of times, or will we give up and leave? Where is that line, and can it be crossed? The music for the single is inspired by a theatrical notion: that emotional climax that comes in a movie or video game when the tides turn. Like all STW work, “Dear Edea” was recorded in Eric’s home studio, and he did all the mixing, production, and mastering.

Describing the creative process behind Saves The Witch’s latest single, Eric writes:

So I had this chord progression, and I wanted to find something theatrical to go with it. From there I got the drum part done, which I think fits well. I began to be guided by this thought of love, and where we draw the line with the people we love. How much would it take for you to leave the one you love, or would you stay no matter what?

So that all helped inspire the mood of the improvised melody parts, but I still felt like the ‘verse’ needed something extra. I actually shuffled a deck of cards, and had my wife draw a few. I used the numbers on those cards and put together notes from those degrees on a scale and that’s how I got the simplistic verse melody.

For first-time listeners, Eric says, “If someone is listening for the first time: I just would like people to know that I try to be genuine and sincere with the music, and I truly appreciate everyone that listens. I try to be very reachable on social media, and I’m always working on new stuff. The debut album was out in June, and the second one has been done for awhile I’ve just been trying to pace myself a little bit. This project means a lot to me and it’s certainly here to stay!

“Dear Edea” begins with shuffling drums and layers of reverb-laden guitars above resonant bass notes, the track’s melancholic progression creating a contemplative mood, while the sustained chords of a fuzzy distorted guitar add an element of heaviness during the choruses. The lead guitar melody is characterized by a bright, dreamlike tone during the first verses, its clear notes harmonizing well with the reverbed guitar chords and bass; while during the last verse, it takes on a deep, almost flute-like timbre, bringing about a sense of tranquility that nicely concludes the track. “Dear Edea” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Saves The Witch’s brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of post-rock and shoegaze alike.

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