The Machine Knows – “Burn The Witch”

“Burn The Witch” is a fantastic rock and roll approach to human relationships, specially dysfunctional ones. Feel the heat with this power trio’s new single filled with wicked riffs and ear-worm melodies. Listen right now to “Burn The Witch“.

Welcome, welcome, welcome my friends. It is the middle of the week already and we can’t be more excited about all the music we’ve got in store for you this month. Today, a pretty dope single for all you Queens Of The Stone Age fans out there. Pure rock’n’roll with a wicked twist. Man I love it!

First of all let me introduce you to Kristoffer Veirum (vox/guitar), Antonio Roxy (bass) and Toby Weltzer (drums), AKA The Machine Knows, a power rock trio from Aarhus, Denmark that saw its birth late last year and immediately started to hit the road and release music. In fact, their first single Killer was featured right here in our blog. Now, the Danish band is back with more rock and roll for the ages.

“Burn The Witch” is their new and second single, and it touches the theme of unhealthy relationships, those that, if not careful, can break your heart and even rob you of your own identity. A song based upon the true experience of being in an abusive relationship and getting away from the abuser. A rebel yell, and a call for freedom. Such is the way of rock’n’roll.

With chugging guitars playing sick riffs and coral voices reaching inside your brain, the song makes quite an entrance. Raw vocals, swinging drums and melting bass create together an infectious mix that will have you banging your head in no time. Also, the chorus is so fucking catchy. Melodic, anthemic, harmonic, purely energetic.

Here’s a little fun backstory to the making of the video:

“We’d known for a long time how the story of the video was going to go, so I let my beard
grow over summer. For months it bothered me, being all scratchy, while I also looked like a
bum, so I was looking forward to the shoot and having it shaved of

But, of course, a week before we shot the music video I was hanging out at a local bar,
when some drunk yelled ‘ROCK’N’ROLL JESUS’ at me. That obviously flattered my vain
ears and I began to have second doubts. Would this ruin my newly found image as the
holy man of rock? I even tried to suggest that we’d shave the head of the drummer, but to
no avail. Oh well, at least we got a cool video.”
– Veirum

To make this single even more badass, the mix was made by one of my favorite mixing engineers, Tue Madsen (Meshuggah/The Haunted), adding his heavy magic to the track.

The music video was filmed on location in Den Rå Hal in Aarhus with equipment
borrowed from Filmbyen Aarhus. Photo Credits: Christian Plumhoff Nørby.

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