Bones in Butter “This Is Not What You Promised Us”

We’re glad to announce that Belgrade, Serbia-based artist Bones in Butter have released a new single, entitled “This Is Not What You Promised Us.”

Bones in Butter was started by founding member Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths, samples, music and lyrics). The band currently features talented musicians from the Belgrade indie scene who work with Milutin to help realize his musical ideas and shape Bones in Butter’s uniquely eclectic sound, which draws inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Lou Reed, the Stranglers, Wire, Magazine, the Electric Light Orchestra, Wall Of Voodoo, Tuxedomoon, Joy Division, Howe Gelb, and Porcupine Tree.

After having releasing the genre-crossing Love or Fear debut EP in 2020 (on which Milutin worked with session musicians from Serbia, Italy and Brazil), Bones in Butter have since released several singles in 2021, including “Littlewing” (our review here), “Sad Girl” (our review here), “They Live!” (our review here), and “So Alone” (our review here). On their latest single, “This Is Not What You Promised Us,” Milutin is joined by Luna Skopelja (vocals), Todor Zivkovic (guitars, FX) Srdjan Popov (bass, mix & master), and Marcelo Effori (drums), who have all worked with Milutin on previous Bones in Butter releases. The song is from their upcoming album, Songs For A Sane Society; and like all other songs from the album, “This Is Not What You Promised Us” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Srdjan Popov at the HillRiver Studios in Belgrade, while all the musicians were involved in its production.

Whereas previous Bones in Butter releases have been heavily influenced by post-punk and the new wave of the late ‘70s, “This Is Not What You Promised Us” sees the band taking an experimental trip into the post-rock/prog-rock genres, while still keeping the dark Bones in Butter vibe. “This Is Not What You Promised Us” builds on the storyline of their previous single, “So Alone,” while offering a different perspective of social commentary; as the band writes, “The song ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’ is actually the sequel to our previous release ‘So Alone.’ Whereas ‘So Alone’ deals with the tyrant and his downfall, our latest release tells the story from a different angle. It is a lament focused on the victims of this tyrant, on the time after the tyranny has ended and on the fact that it was ordinary people who brought the oppressor to power and made the tyranny possible in the first place.

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“This Is Not What You Promised Us” begins with a driving, staccato synth melody, complemented nicely by ethereal vocals and deep bass notes. The snappy electronic drums in the intro soon switch over to organic drumming, which sustains the track’s catchy rhythms throughout its compelling lyrical passages. Milutin Krasevic’s captivating vocals tell the song’s story, harmonizing nicely with Luna Skopelja’s equally captivating vocals during the choruses, while the ringing notes and tremolo-laden chords of an electric guitar add nicely to the track’s haunting sound; and as “This Is Not What You Promised Us” builds in intensity towards its conclusion, the track culminates with creatively dynamic, searing guitar leads. “This Is Not What You Promised Us” is quite an enjoyable listen, once again highlighting Bones in Butter’s brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of post-punk and progressive rock alike.

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