Feralman “The Ballad of Life and Death”

As I’m living in a farm full of animals, the concept of death and life are known to me. Witnessing a birth or the movement of a chick in its egg bring so much excitement, and then seeing your rooster drop dead leaves you feeling hollow and rather terrified at how suddenly things can change. Today’s artist seeks to bring those two forces together, knowing one doesn’t exist with the other.

Feralman is a singer-songwriter of Welsh/Australian origin. Previously he has released his debut album titled “Chapter 35-43“, a ten-track release following the artist’s life events, and he appeared on this blog with another single of his, “Where Were You Before“. His sound is pleasantly folk with cinematic depth, like an intro to a movie with many culturally historic magical elements. Powerful and full of heart at its core, Feralman seeks to heal and inspire through stories coming out from his own life.

His newest single was one of the songs Feralman wrote after getting a serious diagnosis. As he spent weeks waiting for the results which fortunately were good, a lot of self-reflection and contemplative thoughts followed. Titled aptly “The Ballad of Life and Death“, it’s a relationship between life and death, bringing together the strongly contrasting emotions those both are associated with.

Joyful and gentle guitars follow the story of death meeting life, telling it with unbeatable lightness. Which, I imagine, brings about the comfort and solace knowing that death is part of life and there’s nothing to fear about that. The lyrics make it clear as well as the lady representing Life invites Death in for food and warmth, saying “Gotta get some life in you”. The cheerful sound is so captivating and uplifting it inspires to nod along, and it would definitely sound splendid on a live setting at an intimate venue. A little song full of joy and acceptance set to wipe away fear of death and perhaps make it easier to handle the usually so heavy topic.

This single is part of Feralman’s second album “Allegories” that’s soon about to land. Preorders are already open – a great opportunity to buy something fresh especially if you love folk at its soulful and sonically diverse core. Feralman is all that and a lot of tenderness!

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