TOP 100 SONGS 2021 (91-83)

Hi you all, here I am again with the second batch of this countdown (you can check our previuos week 100-92 here), but first I need to say that is really hard to only pick 100 tracks, we already have almost 800 tracks in our Playlist BLOG LT1KF in 9 months and 9 days so far, so is most likely that we reach 1K in this year, this means that around only 10% of the whole tracks that we enjoy are part of this list, yeah I know a lot of great tracks are going to be out but it’s what it is, I only want to say thank you to all these artists that bring so much to this 2021.

This week I take a look into some of the great debuts that we have so far this year, the first 5 their only track so far, 3 with two tracks, and only 1 with 3, can’t wait to have more from them really soon, so let’s start…

Important to mention that all these artists were “Less Than 1,000 Followers” on Spotify at the time we publish their article, some of them still are but others just jump over and we hope all made it sooner or later.    

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