This new single is for all of you Blur/Oasis fans. This young band from Nottingham, UK has arrived to give Britpop a fresh new start with their honest lyrics and charisma. A beautiful performance by Lapels in their brand new single: “All Things Down To You“.

Hello, everybody! You know what time it is. Time for new music! But not just any music. No. Today we have a very special treatment for all of you Britpop lovers, that same Britpop that we grew up to love 30 years ago!

Well, now is time to give guitar music one more chance and let it rise once more. About time! And there’s no better way to bring it back than with Lapel’s “All Things Down To You”. I’m telling you mates, this band is fantastic and great promise for modern music. Heavily compared to Oasis and Blur, this four piece band formed by Nathan, Andy, Will and Adam have brought to our attention a very tasty track.

“All Things Down To You” has a certain spirit that have been long-lost, until now. With its vibrant instrumentation and sensitive vocals, this single will lift your spirit once more like it did in the old days. Charming, to say the least, inspiring at most. A great delivery from this young band that is determined to take over the world with their music.

And now, a special treat just for you. Exclusive quotes from Lapels that you can find only here, on Less Than 1000:

Andy:  ‘All Things Down To You’  evolved more than anything else.  I found himself getting more and more frustrated with people around me just moaning on about how life wasn’t happening for them.  They all seemed to have the same problem – they were complaining that somebody else was holding them back.  I started repeating the same mantra, ‘it’s down to move your own life forwards, it all boils down you to at the end of the day’.  There it was, the hook – ‘all things down to you’

Nathan:  ‘Ironically, that’s where Andy got stuck.  Those lyrics were swimming round in his brain, but he couldn’t unlock them on his own.  So he came over to mine for a couple of nights and that’s when the magic happens with us as songwriters;  there’s something that happens between us when we’re together that we just can’t create on our own.  Within 24 hours, the whole track as you know it now was laid down.

Andy:  It’s our message to everyone out there to go for it’.  It’s your life, live it your way, beat your own path, cos it’s all down to you at the end of the day.  Nobody else will fight your fight the way you will.

We’re just four ordinary lads from the UK, living ordinary normal lives, same as everyone else; but something incredible seems to happen when we make music.  We wouldn’t say there’s any glamour or glitz with us, we sing about normal everyday stuff – pretty mundane things.  But that’s what life is about isn’t it, the normal nuts and bolts of a mug of tea or a pint at your local, that’s what makes the world go round.  And that’s what Lapels are about, music about normal everyday things that everyone can relate to; no matter what age they are. 

We’re here to tell the stories of our lives, with music that sits right with us.  People are starting to compare us to the BritPop bands of 30 years ago, which is awesome.  But we haven’t engineered that.  We’re just being ourselves.  We think that because we’re putting a mirror up to people’s lives through our music, they feel part of our vibe.  It’s just great that everyone connects with our indie/rock sound.  Dive into our socials, check us out.” – Lapels

So there you have it lads, humble words from humble spirits.

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