Shyli Madhala “Pink For My Money”

For her debut, Shyli Madhala bares her heart in a single full of style and ache titled ‘Pink For My Money’

A single mother who’s been living with her parents since the beginning of the pandemic, singer-songwriter Shyli Madhala has put her blood, sweat, and tears into her art in order to make her debut in the music scene. The result is a beautiful, gut wrenching, and meaningful song that makes anyone who listens be overwhelmed with emotion, craving for more of Madhala’s music. 

Going all in with the behind the scenes of her debut, as well as the promotion process, Shyli Madhala is determined to make her voice be heard. As she uses the courage she’s gathered for a long time, this visionary artist places her self-love and truths into her music with the wish of letting people know it’s okay to be a simple human. 

The single was recorded in Tutti Studio by Tammy Yshek and produced by Aviv Halimi. With the help of Yossi Hazot on the piano, Asher Fedi Bass with the drums, Avi Yifrah on the drums, and Nitzan Ein Habar playing the saxophone, as well as Madhala’s vocals and lyrics, Pink Is For My Money has come to life. 

Pink For My Money is a deeply emotional and honest jazz-inspired track that forces the listener to remember the pain they’ve gone through so they can realize how it’s affected who they are today. 

At only the age of twenty-nine, Madhala’s voice reflects countless experiences she’s lived and lessons she’s learnt. Right on the same level of the lyrics, which focus on the hardships she’s suffered both as a woman and as a human being, her vocals are infused with an exasperation that’s grown bigger and deeper over the years, as well as a refusal to keep suffering and letting the world step on her. 

Despite the pain, Pink For My Money is ultimately a celebration of her life. The song initially highlights the disappointments Madhala has faced, but after almost three decades of these experiences, the artist has realized there is no point in dwelling on who she should be and how she should act — to her, the only thing that matters is loving Shyli Madhala for who she truly is. 

Official music video for “Pink Is For My Money”

When asked more about the song, the artist said:

“For me, it’s a revolution in every way. I’ve been hiding my dream and hiding my voice for so long, letting trauma and illness run my life story, this song is the end of that and a beginning of an era of beautiful music and powerful messages that need to be heard. Pink for My Money is about my pain and confusion around growing up as women at this point in time. It’s about society’s way of control, the mixed messages and most of all the fact that we are taxed for being women.”

Shyli Madhala’s music is who she is, and it stands for honesty just like the artist behind the music does, too. She aims to find and highlight the beauty in what society shuns or ignores, and to help others find confidence in the parts of themselves they thought weren’t worthy of love. With her debut single, and the upcoming album she’s working on, Madhala exposes the “elephants in the room” that people have previously refused to focus on. 

If you enjoyed Shyli Madhala music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, Youtube channel.

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