I have always thought that songs are like books, both tell us stories, sometimes fantasy and happy endings, and others are a bit more nostalgic and sad, but both are written by people with different emotions and ideas that leave their mark in them.

And just as there are songs that make us dance, there are also those that bring us tears and make us more sentimental, and the song that I want to share with you today is one of them, it’s called “Cold” written by Will Burton, a young man who for through personal experience he composed this great song.

“Cold is the most personal song I’ve written. It came out of me when I was going through a tough time that resurrected a lot of the emotions I felt at the time of my parent’s divorce as a child.”

One of the best parts of listening to a song is when you identify with it, in this case, how many times have you not felt sad and wanting things to be as before? How many times have we not locked ourselves in our room and all we want to do is listen to music? Well, “Cold” is that song that you should and want to put on because it speaks just about what it feels like to be going through a bad time, to feel a cold environment around you.

In addition, thanks to the rhythm of the song and the melody that it has, it makes you feel the song, even more, it is a pop-rock style but with a tone that starts softly and grows as the song develops.

The experience is a huge part of who I am today and sharing how it still affects me it is an important part of showing the world who I am as an artist and connecting with my audience.

I know that sometimes it is difficult to express what we feel, but how Will managed to reflect his feelings in the song, and thus share them with everyone who ever felt the same, it seems to me that it has no comparison. Because as I said before, listening to a song and identifying with it is a beautiful feeling, and I’m sure that like this, there will be more songs by this young man which will dazzle us. Go listen to it now, and remember that it is okay not to be okay sometimes. 

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