Electric High “Populate the Moon”

We’re glad to announce that Bergen, Norway-based high-volage rock band Electric High have released a new single, entitled “Populate the Moon.”

Electric High are PV Staff (lead vocals), Olav Iversen (lead vocals), Marius Mørch (guitars), Einride Torvik (bass), and Tor Bjarne Bjelland (drums). The band draws inspiration from artists such as Wolfmother, Aerosmith, and Black Sabbath, and the members all hail from other bands such as Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies.

Since January 2020, Electric High have released eight singles (including “Trembling Bones” (our review here), “Fire!” (our review here), and “Sun” (our review here)), as well as two EPs (including Go Easy on My Heart (our review here)) – in addition to having written enough material for two albums. The only thing that has kept them from stepping up from the underground and conquering concert stages has been a certain pandemic.

Describing the creative process and meaning behind their latest single, “Populate the Moon,” Electric High say, “Well, our bassplayer Ein came up with these hooks on Populate the Moon. Actually for this other band he´s in, Emmerhoff and the Melancholy Babies. But we made a song out of it before they got to hear it. Piracy! The lyric is about the frustration you can feel about humankind once and a while. …Makes you wanna fly away and populate the moon.“ “Populate the Moon” was recorded at Solslottet Studio, Bergen, Norway, and was produced by Iver Sandøy. Fans can also expect many more releases from Electric High to follow continuously throughout 2021.

“Populate the Moon” begins with a strolling bassline and the heartbeat-like pulse of the bass drum, while a clean-toned, tremolo-laden electric guitar lick signals the beginning of the first verse, powerful vocals (reminding me at times of Ozzy Osbourne) joining in for the track’s lyrical passages. Fuzzily distorted guitar chords characterize the heavy yet groovy pre-choruses, before the lyrics suggest that we should be “looking for a better place to swoon, and populate the moon” during the compelling choruses. “Populate the Moon” later takes on a more psychedelic atmosphere, complete with swirling space-like effects that become more and more turbulent as the listener approaches the lunar surface–before the clean-toned guitar lick heard at the beginning of the track returns to end the chaos with a final verse. “Populate the Moon” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, once again reflecting Electric High’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of hard rock.

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