Joss Mogli- Being Wrong

Low-fi, low-cut, low-vibe, but high emotion with a highly personal, Being Wrong is the anticipated debut EP by Joss Mogli out tomorrow Friday 15th October. The English singer-songwriter creates a dynimic, immersive soundscape in which he meshes together the style of Lou Reed and King Krule with chill beats of Nujabes, while covering emotions of nostalgia and heartbreak. In just four tracks, Mogli proves that Being Wrong is an EP that fully fufills expectations.

In spite of touching themes such as lonelyness, Joss Mogli proves that he is not alone. He has relied on a very close “musical family” to bring Being Wrong to light. The album was written and produced by Mogli, Ed Denholm (a half of the lo-fi duo Distance Learning) alongside producer Ben Gardiner. The synergy of the trio is apparent on each of the tracks of the EP: each beat is perfectly in time, each vocal line perfectly delivered: each piece is just where it needs to be. Not only them, but Being Wrong features a guest collaborator that completes each track by offering their own unique style to it. Katie King, Shtëpi and DRIIA are featured on three of the tracks of the album. By bringing in these collaborators, Joss Mogli transmits to us listeners a sense of familiarity: as if we were surrounded by friends sharing us their intimate feelings.

Mogli adopts a lo-fi sound, with what may seem at first a minimalistic approach to musical production. The tracks appear simple at first glance, with little to no intervention during the recording of the EP. Yet, an attentive listener will notice the different layers that make up each one of them: a musical density that is hidden in plain sight. Mogli plays around with these layers to immerse the viewers in his own personal soundscape. The acoustic, blends with the vocals, which in turn appear alongside the synths and electric beats. Being Wrong presents a DIY high quality lo-fi sound.

“thoughts” features Katie King. It is a low-energy/high emotion track. A slow track that little by little builds tension and features a huge payoff. Mogli’s and King’s duo synergize in a way that they let the best out of each other: if each one alone has a strong musical presence, their emotional strength together rises into higher levels. “tonight” features Shtëpi as a guest. With its distorted, slightly off-key pianos and guitars, its reverb in the vocals and instruments that amplify the musical soundscape, inviting the listener to jump right in. “being wrong”‘s piano plays sweet musical phrases, while a trip-hop like beat appears on the background. The track slowly builds up intensity, that culminates in a variety of sounds letting themselves into our ears. DRIIA vocals playfully jump around the beat, giving the track a childlike charm. Finally “wake up” closes the album. Mogli’s vocals stand out in the track, amplifying his own musicality and the emotions of lonelyness with discrete production touches.

Joss Mogli has been building up hype with each of his recent singles with “How’d It Come to This” and “someone could see you”. His debut EP had thus high expectations. But worry not, Mogli has not only reached them, but went beyond them! His debut EP takes lo-fi and brings it to a personal level. Being Wrong presents an atmosphere similar to no other artists of the genre. Do not miss it!

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