My Friend The Chimpanzee “Time Traveller”

We’re glad to announce that Vienna, Austria-based indietronica pop band My Friend The Chimpanzee have released a new single, entitled “Time Traveller.”

My Friend The Chimpanzee consists of producers Josef Umschaid (fx, drums) and Lukas Wieser (guitar, bass, synthesizer, vocals). They’ve been friends for many years, and got together in Josef’s home studio to record music. My Friend The Chimpanzee are influenced by bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, John Frusciante, Black Knights, and Tycho; and the songs on their upcoming album are all inspired by literature.

“Time Traveller” is the first single from the duo’s forthcoming album, and is inspired by the HG Wells novel The Time Machine. In the novel, the time traveler discovers that humanity does not move towards an ultimate state, but rather evolves erratically. The song ties this to the human need for constant motion, and contrasts this with Hegel’s theory of historical finality. The single was recorded in Josef Umschaid’s home studio in Vienna, with both Josef Umschaid and Lukas Wieser involved in production. The track was mixed and mastered by Cohen Yusha.

Describing the creative process behind “Time Traveller,” the band writes, “We did Time Traveller as the first single, because it features all instruments that we use with My Friend The Chimpanzee. It has guitar as well as electric bass, synth bass, synth pads, synth leads, vocoder (if you listen closely) and a string machine (again barely audible). Time Traveller therefore is something of an experiment, where we wanted to see how the different elements come together in the final mix and master. Listeners should expect from My Friend The Chimpanzee catchy melodies that turn the fairly unconventional song writing and sometimes weird synth sounds into indietronica pop.

“Time Traveller” immediately draws the listener in with its catchy chorus, the electric guitar and vocal melodies harmonizing quite well with each other while underscored by deep synth bass and electric bass notes. The driving rhythms of the percussion soon join in to set the track into a dynamic yet laidback groove; and as the verses begins, warbling, arpeggiated synths color the lyrical passages, later accented at times by flute-like synth notes. During the pre-chorus, a distorted guitar lead nicely accompanies the vocal melodies, while highlighted by buzzy synth textures. The guitar maintains its crunchy tone during the next chorus, with washes of distortion complementing the synths rather well. As the atmospheric sound of a synth pad fades out at the end of the next verse, a final prechorus signals a captivating instrumental section, with layered, retro-sounding synth leads nicely concluding the track.

“Time Traveller” is quite an enjoyable listen and an impressive debut for My Friend The Chimpanzee, reflecting their brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of synth-led alternative- and indie music alike.

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