Ben Dalby “Two Birds”

Journeying through life is the longest thing you’ll ever do, and finding the special someone to do it together with makes things much lighter. Today’s song is as happy as it gets about falling in love, but at the same time it thinks deep about love and all happy and sad things it brings forth as two loving people walk til the end.

This is Ben Dalby, a UK artist with an eclectic sound attracting comparisons to Lou Reed and the Flaming Lips among others. With his music having that sweet edge of emotions balanced well with elements of classic, it’s easy to understand, why. His releases collect together a variety of moods in their most distinct forms – you get sparkling and energetic songs like “Tact” to rock your socks off to, soft dreamy guitar-driven melodies and sweet vocals like “The Stars” and much more. What the songs share are plenty of deep messages laid out in fun ear-catching lyrics. Just take a listen to his relatively recent single “Tin Man” and you’ll hear it!

We present Ben Dalby’s single “Two Birds” released last year, a melodious song all about falling in love and the journey through life with love by your side. Sparkling with rhythms carried by both percussion and synths, the song holds a steady energy like a person charged with love walking through life. Little chirping sounds like birds fluttering about, faint ringing and the whistling wind sound that made me check outside for stormy gusts are all brought together in a tasty dish of a song where everything feels balanced just right. Between the happy and flying choruses is also a more introspective and serious thought about growing old together and inevitably seeing the other side passing on. Together til death.

The thoughts and events in “Two Birds” are wonderfully illustrated in its music video done in a heartwarming DIY style with clay animals, a toy car and a paper sky. Depicted endless journey through life sees us passing by many little things taking place nearby, seeing the driver in the car grow old and wondering about the distance left to drive all offer a bit of thinking fruit. Lovely simple video, yet layered with many things to think about, just like the song it’s made for. See the video yourself here:

I’m sure this single will be an earcandy for anyone who loves synthpop with no aggressive edge, rhythmic tunes and light-hearted yet wholly present lyric-writing. Ben Dalby suggests this for the soundtrack of a roadtrip and I can entirely recommend “Two Birds”, and also everything else he has released as a companion for long car rides!

Ben kindly accept to share a message about the back story for this track and we hope you can enjoy it as mucha as we do!!!

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