LLC “One In A Million”

LLC assures you that it’s okay to value yourself, because you too are ‘One In A Million’.

Lorenzo La Cava, under the artist name LLC, is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer who’s been sharing his music since 2015. From Sydney to the rest of the world (including the several stops around the US and Canada he’s done during his tours), LLC has been sharing his intentions and thoughts in the format of acoustic, pop punk, pop rock, or simply pop music. 

This time, he greets the month of October with a feel-good commercial pop song that contains a formula for guaranteed success, One In A Million

An instant throwback to the upbeat songs that dominated the charts during the mid 2000’s up to 2015, One In A Million is a musical happy pill, ready to energize you and give you a strong dose of confidence upon its first listen. 

Like the simplicity and peacefulness we find ourselves in when we’re in a great mood, LLC’s explanation of the track is brief and full of positive energy. The artist stated:

“It was written quite quickly & is about picking yourself up. To try & make a (positive) difference in the world, no matter what it takes. And that you can always “count on me” (4, 3, 2) to help get you through!”

Official lyric video for “One In A Million”

With its pop sound, an easy-to-follow melody and its energetic lyrics, One In A Million effectively motivates listeners to value themselves and make the best of their day, for every hour we’re living is a good moment to treat ourselves with the love and respect we deserve. This song will fit right between Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and 5 Seconds of Summer’s “She Looks So Perfect”, or any other track that immediately makes you want to jam and dance to your heart’s content. 

Whether it be in the company of others or in loneliness, LLC and his new track are able to provide a more comfortable and lax ambience, perfect for people to relax and catch a breath for all the negativity and stress in the real world. 

For those who are interested in LLC’s messages and sound, the rest of his discography will not be a disappointment, as both the current and upcoming music have the goal of letting people know it’s okay to be vulnerable, and to revel in their own bodies.

If you enjoyed LLC’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out his official website. For social media you can follow his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. To listen to his music, you can head over to his Spotify profile, Soundcloud, Youtube channel, or you can purchase his music at Bandcamp.

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