Ayspayadekay – “Motivation”

MOTIVATION” serves a unique purpose, portrait the chaos inside the mind! Unpredictable and aggressive, this single comes with a unique style perfect for all you hard-trap, psycho-rap fans. Listen right now to Ayspayadekay’s newest single: “MOTIVATION“.

Well, wow my friends, it’s all ready Friday (Satuardy, you know time zone stuff)! And I admit this single has got me going places, ready to start the weekend. Super dope release by our cherished bipolar artist Ayspayadekay, a non-binary rapper from Sydney, Australia. Although we’re well aware that they tend to be experimental, this new single takes their chaotic sound to another level.

With an exquisite production from producer Deli Press, “Motivation” carries massive and aggressive 808’s (bass), anxious trap drums, and a whole plethora of elements that you have to listen very carefully to appreciate each one of them. The mix is excellent, the flow is dynamic with a lot of distorted and pitched-down vocals, sharpening knives, and a bass line that will leave you dizzy af.

“In writing Motivation, I ultimately realized when it comes to making art, my mental illness – that I once saw as suffocating and wholly unhelpful  – might just be my greatest strength. Imagine ’the calm before the storm’ hasn’t slept in a week, and ‘the storm’ has had 3 shots of Vodka and a 4 lines of whatever was lying around the house. That’s “MOTIVATION” – Ayspaydekay

Ayspay were diagnosed with bipolar disorder almost 10 years ago, since then they’ve learned to predict and even handle how their episodes manifest. But after being suddenly left by his 4th long-term partner and being caught once more in Sydney’s mayor COVID lockdown, Ayspay had to keep themselves occupied, hence, they rummaged through whatever expired substances they had lying around from Mardi Gras, and begin to rage, and heal and evolve!

Motivation is a satirical catharsis on leaning into one’s darker side and letting out years of suppressed anger, brimming with intrusive thoughts of destruction. Motivation is a hypothesis on what it would be like to fully utilise the power of the mind – swapping out medication for a positive attitude – and choosing ‘needs’ over ‘wants’, but it is unfortunately not that simple, alas we charge on.

Anxiety and paranoia are perfectly encapsulated in a powerful single. It surely ain’t for those faint of heart!! But it does bury some hidden sound gems left there to be discovered by those who listen carefully…

So, it you’re into massive 808s, quick metaphorical rap frases and experimental beats, this song is for you. You can also follow Ayspay on their InstagramFacebookTwitter, TikTok, and Spotify accounts, as well as their SoundCloud channel. 

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