Stephen James Orr “Wake Up”

Stephen James Orr uses soothing acoustics to ease those who listen to his new single,  ‘Wake Up’, into a state of acceptance towards life, death, and the things beyond our reach. 

From Toronto, On, Stephen James Orr is a musician, songwriter, and producer. With his soul groove and riff-based indie rock sound, Stephen seems to have mastered the art of saying a million words and more with a couple of notes. In his music, Stephen prioritizes creativity and having free reign to create whatever comes from the heart, an idea that he follows when it comes to his collaborations and the contributions his fellow Toronto artists add to the tracks. 

This belief of giving everyone freedom when it comes to making sense adds a deep heartfelt feeling to the final product, making it easier for the listener to form a connection with the song based on their own interpretation. It is like this that a strong bond is made between the artist and his audience: with mutual understanding and vulnerability. 

Wake up is the artist’s collaboration with vocalist Gisun and cellist Beth Silver. Alongside his acoustic guitar, the track carries with it a peaceful feeling that softly encourages the listener to keep going through their own way of processing strong emotions.  

The song was mixed and mastered by Kyle Gamble from Caudal Lure Audio.

Artwork by Amy Frueh

The lyrics, although slightly vague in the beginning, discuss grief and the different ways the process of overcoming the loss of a loved one depending on the individual. 

The cinematic folk-pop tune, where we hear Stephen’s acoustic guitar, as well as several riffs. Alongside Silver’s ethereal cello and Gisun’s beautifully textured vocals, the song takes complete life and carries the theme to a deeper level. With each artist finding their own inspiration in their surrounding, the guitar Stephen sent them, and within themselves, we can feel their own reflections and emotions regarding the theme intertwine together; the perfect combination of a multitude of thoughts end up creating unity and a state of calmness, and we the listeners can then feel at ease projecting our own feeling towards the track without feeling as though we are intruding on those experiences. 

Rather, Wake Up seems to invite those willing to open up to come and share their experiences. A safe haven for people who have hurt and loss deep within them, this song full of life, comfort, and sparkles of talent is healing magic. 

Stephen James Orr is currently in the process of releasing a new single every month until his forthcoming EP is out, and with the project being scheduled for late fall, the waiting time gets shorter with every passing day. However, while we await to see the full EP and how the tracks come together to form a collection, Wake Up and his previous releases will be able to satisfy listeners’ desire to keep listening. 

If you enjoyed Stephen James’ music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out his official website. For social media you can follow his Instagram account. To listen to his music, you can head over to his Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel, or you can purchase his music at Bandcamp.

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