Norrisette “Future Dream”

Love for experimenting with sounds and concepts fills her heart. This is Norrisette, a composer, producer and songwriter based in UK where she lives and creates her musical worlds in her little house. Minimalist and carefully constructed by nature, each of her songs approaches a new theme from a unique angle, constructing something of an alternate universe yet closely linked to this here world. Norrisette has released two concept EP’s so far. One of them is wondrous “Alien” which follows an extraterrestrial being travelling into our solar system to visit Earth. The other is “Paper“, a concept album exploring paper as a musical material, and journey to the dimension of paper and written word to reconnect with lost loved one.

Norrisette has now released her third concept EP “Future Dream“, driven by hope for the better future, one not severely impacted by climate change. It’s a 4-track release where every song takes on an element and and its powers, building a visual of deities, magic combined with earth. Collectively they create one larger body of harmony, a vision of what would be present in a world untainted by human greed.

This EP has four songs inspired by the four classical elements (Hydra – Water, Old Name – Earth, Bone Forest – Air, Prometheus – Fire) and is intended to imagine a better future where we are solving the environmental crisis.


The EP begins with the element of water, “Hydra”. Immersive synth bassnotes give the feel of deep oceans and a sense of imminence. Vocals feel pure like the rain in their crystal clear shimmer at first before being covered with a haze, like someone calling out heavy rain and accepting its purifying cool embrace. Next is “Old Name”, sounding like an old folk song inspired by the magical beings living in the depths of untouched woodlands. This song touches the power of nature as it breaks through concrete in bustling cities and overtakes what’s abandoned.

“Bone Forest” holds airy ethereal melodies. Chanting verses in the wind with voice as pristine as morning air, the song caresses the power of air and technology humans have built to make use of its force. The last song takes quite a turn sound-wise in comparison to all the previous tracks, bringing forth the wildly flaming and burning energy of fire and the destruction it brings when mishandling and abusing the flame.

“Future Dream” is an EP carrying wonderfully versed awakening messages that offer plenty of thinking food. Each song manages to make itself memorable by sounding completely unique yet together they’re part of a much bigger picture. Wonderful listening experience for anyone loving experimental explorative music and forward-looking artists like Kate Bush, Björk and SOPHIE.

I’ve used very different production techniques for each track as I want them to sound like their element – Hydra sounds like water, Old Name is nostalgic like our connection with nature, Bone Forest has airy vocals, Prometheus is provocative and catching like fire.


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