Ohlayindigo- “Silent Treatment”

Saying that we are giving the silent treatment to somebody means that we pretend that we don’t hear what they have to say. Definitely something cruel to do somebody. Even more when we decide to do it to ourselves as we silence our true emotions. Ohlayindigo’s new single “Silent Ttreatment” covers the moment we decide to finally express what we really think: a single that is cathartic, ethereal and uplifting.

“Silent Treatment” is a very personal track for Ohlayindigo, a.k.a. Hanna Ponth. Born in Norway, she moved to Los Angles in 2016, where she took a break from music to focus on other interests such as writing and fashion. She then returned to Norway full of ideas and the inspiration to write music again. This year, she makes her comeback with Exhale, EP from which “Silent Treatment is the second single. This new EP was produced in Sun Valley, Idaho, during an artist’s reatreat alongside acclaimed producer Dot.

Silent treatment means to punish someone with silence, and as I wrote it I understood I had been giving myself the silent treatment for years. I had to pause working on the song for a while just to deal with all the emotions. I hope those feelings and transformation come through for those who listen and maybe it inspires someone else to start their own healing journey. –Ohlayindigo

Ohlayindigo has built a characteristic mood with her work based around dreamy atmospheres and edifying lyrics. “Silent Treatment” falls within this category. The synths surround us in an ambient-like matter. Jazz chords start the track in a calm manner, while the drums drive the beat forward with their complex rhythms. Soon, a full explosion of sonority comes upon us in the chorus. The double harmonized vocals with a touch of echo experiment with the rhythm of the track as they skip around the beat established by the drums, creating a sensation of extreme awareness in the listener. They sing about that moment of finally letting all the resentment, all those emotions we have been keeping to ourselves, out.

“Silent Treatment” is an inspiring track that hits us with that extreme beat and atmospheric immersion that Ohlayindigo has made her own. A single worth featuring from a rising artist that deserves all the attention she can get. Lend your ears to Ohlayindigo and don’t miss out this track!

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