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Happy and innocent childhood memories, the variety of smells, tastes and textures that you remember from those days bring forth a strong nostalgic feel. In some ways you’d love to go back and embrace the warm cozy childhood home and the friends and toys. Music can greatly enhance our trips down to memory lane, and this release by Harboring that I’m about to talk of is all about childhood memories and dearest possessions.

Hailing from Nashville, Harboring is a singer-songwriter creating indie rock melodies enveloped in slightly dusty warmth. His soft vocals flow together with gently laid out melodies painting sweetly nostalgic atmospheric music heavily influenced by thoughts and memories. And just like memories sometimes hit the strongest, so does his music, incorporating swells in intensity between episodes of quiet calm.

My listeners should expect some homey music that smells like wood sometimes.

Harboring has just recently released his debut EP with eponymous title. The release holds 3 tracks surrounding the artist’s childhood and growing to be the person he is today. And thus, it’s an EP full of soundscapes that seep into your heart and resonate with that special place within us that holds those early experiences and self-understandings.

Starting with flowery guitar melodies, “Lilies” is a longing reflective song with quiet moments of sadness. Embracing the memory of childhood pet, one of the most faithful friends that has since gone. The instrumental solo that follows in this song feels full of love and appreciation, a shout-out celebrating the dog. The next song brings forth a more introspective feel with heavily reverbed guitar melody and his soft-spoken vocals almost blending together – “Nevermore, Never More”. Piano melody that joins in adds heavy yet determined feeling to the song’s strong stance.

Lush echoing guitar melodies with each note allowed to flow in space begin the last song, “Pieces of Me”. His singing voice and the guitar both sing their own melody in here, together creating quite an immersive harmony. And as the song continues, it begins to grow stronger, until it soars on the wings of epic multilayered instrumental chorus. A wonderful end for such a soulful EP.

I was originally writing and recording for a school project but carried on with the project hoping to release it. For the writing, I was trying to capture the feeling of the house and the sound of my childhood. Lilies is written about my childhood dog who passed away about 10 years ago. Nevermore, Never More is about the iterations of myself that I carry with me. And finally, Pieces of Me is about my evolution as a person carrying me into college. I tend to be a very cathartic person so this was a true emotional release for me.


“Harboring EP” is such a solid release for being the first. Evocative instrumentals and his lovely voice offer pleasant vibes, and it quite possibly works better than a written bio – this album holds the artist’s childhood and self-image. A beautiful little audiobook to his early life!

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