Nordic Hamster – Nordic Hamster EP

We’re glad to announce that Mims, United States-based instrumental metal band Nordic Hamster have released their eponymous debut EP.

Hailing out of Central Florida, Nordic Hamster is a new music project comprised of two talented and seasoned musicians, Cody Nordine and Cody Hamilton. They create music for the love of it, having gotten together on the premise of playing music, having fun with friends, and serving the fans of metal. Nordic Hamster’s debut EP was released by Indian River Music Company, bringing vibrancy and energy into the instrumental metal genre while flowing cohesively between genres like progressive metal, djent and deathcore-type blast beats. Their style feels refreshing and not saturated with the same cookie-cutter formula of most outfits in the scene.

Describing the story behind Nordic Hamster, Javier Perez (Indian River Music Company) says, “Nordic Hamster is a duo (Cody Nordine & Cody Hamilton). I met Cody (Nordine) years ago when he was the bass player for Alphæus. I remember finding out he was actually a guitarist primarily and I wanted to hear more from him. I was blown away by the music he began to share with me. I helped him release a single (Part Of Me) as a solo artist in 2020. He told me then that he wanted to do an album/EP with his friend Hammy (Cody Hamilton). I feel like the two of them complement each other incredibly, not just musically but personality wise. They have been friends for years, they’ve been in bands together before, and that dynamic carried over to what Nordic Hamster is.

The EP begins with “Dark Willow,” which is introduced by a shadowy, melancholic keyboard melody and the sound of footsteps. The creaking sound of a door opening signals the beginning of the guitar-driven passages, which complement the dark atmosphere established by the keyboards quite well. “Dark Willow” is characterized by technical, palm-muted djent guitar rhythms, which lead nicely into a blast beat drum segment and a sweeping, melodic guitar solo; while a saxophone melody highlighted by jazz/funk-like guitar chords concludes the track.

Next is “Juxtapose,” a heavy and intense track that combines impressively precise distorted guitar rhythms with equally imposing, blistering guitar solos (at times reminding me of neo-classical shred guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen); while the third track, “Keeper of the Light,” features progressive drumming and dynamic rhythm guitar patterns, alternating between spiky distorted chords and contemplative, clean-toned arpeggios, above which the lead guitar lines sear and soar beautifully.

On “Bloodseeker,” crushing walls of gritty distortion and propulsive drums nicely underscore the downright evil-sounding guitar leads, while a barrage of palm-muted chugging adds further to the powerfully heavy sound of the track. Midway through “Bloodseeker” is a meditative section with clean, pensive-sounding arpeggios over which the spiraling guitar solo begins, continuing for the remainder of the track and bringing the listener again into a backdrop of crushing distortion as it evolves into an awe-inspiring dual guitar solo.

The EP closes with “Screwdriver,” a high-energy track featuring progressive distorted guitar licks and powerful drumming; a tasteful keyboard melody midway through the track signals the beginning of an enthralling guitar solo, which then leads nicely into the track’s concluding distorted passages, punctuated by intense blast beat drumming.

Nordic Hamster’s EP is quite an enjoyable listen throughout and an impressive debut, showcasing the duo’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this EP to fans of instrumental metal.

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