Beau Bowen “The Man with Laser Hands”

Dark, hazy atmospheres glowing red through intoxicating smoke that somewhy smells like burnt cocoa. Here you should beware of a shadow shaped like a man dressed in leather, with green laser rays emitting from his fingertips. This single is his resort, a place where he is last seen after his fearsome reign, shaped to fit his raging emotions.

Beau Bowen is back with a new release! This British sensual rock music duo knows how to stir up pleasures and create ultra-realistic and quite berserk experiences. I can still hear their recent single “Bubble Tea” in the back of my mind, as if that wild, hazy and rather drunk clubnight took place just this weekend. Their sound is also diverse – leave the nightclub behind and you’ll hear a rock ballad that begins stripped down and then explodes into head-spinning rollercoaster of a climax. “A Rock ‘n Roll Story” does that really well, for example. Or for example if you love piano, you’ll get some pretty epic classical-esque piano rock concert blend in “Messianistic Interlude”. Their debut album is really a fun listen!

The duo’s newest single takes us further into their immersive and untamed sound, a trip into a woozy blend of vocals, synths and guitars. “The Man with Laser Hands” sounds like it could be a song about riding an insane high, or perhaps a theme music for a wicked deadly character with an exceptionally warped sense of morality in a forward-thinking movie. The psychedelic soundscapes full of bodies with no defined shape and form hold growling and filthy synths, ominous vocals that promise no good and ecstatic electric guitar ripping and shooting past… Until it introduces to its unnerving and swirling euphoric climax of a guitar solo, near-celestial riffs that are felt with passion in an otherwise devilish heated space.

This narcotic sexy single joins “Bubble Tea”, both being part of Beau Bowen’s upcoming album very appropriately titled as “Flame of Love”. Now that I’ve had the taste of two of their newest singles, I honestly don’t think I’m quite ready to experience what could be coming up in this album. But if you love experimental music with complete freedom of expression and are fearless in your discoveries, this is a great artist to get into!

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