Linda “Ballad of Abigail”

Most bad things one might do are forgivable. You either didn’t know not to say something, or your action caused accidental damage or casualty. Some actions however, are much worse. Today’s song follows in the trail of a lady who has decided to do something very bad, driven by emotional pain and despair.

Linda Horváth’s name is likely familiar to some of you who have read this blog a bit more. This Hungarian singer-songwriter releases evocative indie pop sounds as Linda, her project home for many storytelling lively songs inspired by her life. As an aircraft pilot her passion is flying, and a lot of that airborne energy make home in her songs – always full-bodied and oh so full of life, but never dragging its feet. Linda’s recent releases include a heartwarming light song “Best Friend” written with love and gratitude for her lovely little dog and sparkling nighttime party tune “City Lights” taking you downtown for some truly great time.

Ballad of Abigail“, her newest single saw its first light very recently and introduces us to Linda’s strong emotive piano ballad sound. Emotions soar in here with her strong pure voice as the lyrics tell a story about strong independent women fearless of all obstacles that stand in their way, and equally fearless when it comes to doing very bad things. It’s a fatal story of a young lady and her decision to destroy a man who hurt her. It’s an inner monologue with herself before doing the worst thing she will ever do in her life. The undertone of sorrow and constant line of pain are present through the song, but even more present is that deadly determination that comes right from the core. For someone so deeply wounded there is no happy ending. And maybe when the cheater comes home tonight, he’ll see the result of his actions.

This single was written inspired by Abigail Williams, a young girl who brought forth the Salem Witch Trials by accusing the neighbors for witchcraft. Night Witches from WW2, the all-women aviation team also inspired Linda. These Soviet aviators were not treated as equal by male counterparts, yet they proved themselves to be powerful and difficult for enemies to take down or even notice.

This greatly emotional ballad will be part of “Trip to Myself”, Linda’s upcoming album. Every new single I’ve heard from that album has given an own story complete with passion and sheer energy. Having previously written about the super dancy “City Lights”, and now embraced by the artist’s skill at writing powerful ballads, it is clear Linda is a strong artist you wouldn’t want to miss!

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