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What would happen if The Beach Boys spiced up their music with a little bit of more pop-punk, glam rock and psychedelia, alongside dream like lyrics full of metaphors and colorful characters? Well we might get today’s featured album Dose by the LA rock band The Brothers Steve. A healthy blend of 50’s and 60’s sound and surrealist lyrics to assure a healthy (psychedelic) trip down memory lane that you must not miss out!

First time listeners: “The Brothers Steve is a melodic rock and roll group of five hot guys trying to make their dreams come true in the big city.”

The Brothers Steve was conformed when Jeff Wahlen (guitar and vocals), Dylan Champion (guitar and vocals), Os Tyler (guitar and vocals), Jeff Solomon (bass) and Steve Coulter (drums) met at UC Santa Barbara. An ensemble that “plays 60’s radio pop with 90’s indie pop with a lot of a 70s glitter-type situation going on”, in the band’s own words. After their previous album #1 which contained the singles “She”, “Good Deal of Love” and “Carry Me”, they come back with full force with their bubblegum/British invasion/ Monkees infused sound. And yet, they give it its own spin in and a new exciting direction. Expect crazy guitar riffs, satisfying vocal harmonies, and, finally, the unexpected.

Dose is a psycheldelic landscape with no boundaries in sight. The tracks that make up Dose belong to such a variety of old-school and contemporary genres. Listening to Dose in one sitting takes the audience in an unforgettable journey with heavy turns and surprises: The Brothers Steve are not afraid of take us through a wild crazy ride. Just when you think you are getting used to it, when you believe exactly where the band is taking you, they take a sharp turn and carry you to another completely different direction. They offer everything you may think of in their menu. You want some rock and roll? They have it with “Sugarfoot” and “Better Get Ready to Go”. Glam rock ballads? They also sing it with “Next Aquarius”. Doo-wop? “She Will Wait”. Glitter pop-punk? “Griffith Observatory” or “Get On Up”. Post-punk? “Electro-Love”. Psychedelic rock? “Love of Kings” or “Ms. Rosebaum”. The Brothers Steve are not afraid to show their range with this album. They always seem to have an ace under their sleeve.

But the rollercoaster does not stop there. The lyrics of the songs are also characteristic of 50’s and 60’s surrealism. Love stories that take place years in the future, Hollywood intrigue, an embalmed corpse of the neighbor next door, a meeting with a wizard of love and much more. The Brothers Steve make us meet such unique characters and sceneries along the ride, as colorful as their music and image.

The Brothers Steve take explore a new direction with their latest album Dose by relying on almost extinct music genres and reviving them. Their approach gives new life to what was once thought dead, making the old-school come back in style, better than ever before. Dose is a fun trippy trip that is worth 100% taking and riding once again, and again, and again, and again!

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