A raging metal tune that explores the limits we put ourselves in our minds, sticking to social conventions and morality, but exposing the truth about how we would really go about doing things our own way. Listen right now to Ophelia’s Eye new single: “The Demond Behind My Mind“.

Welcome back you beautiful readers! Today, a single with a brand new video has come to our midst. This metal band from Dulliken, Switzerland might be on its beginnings, but already comes with a mean and professional sound!

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“The Demon Behind My Mind” is a single that comes after Ophelia’s Eye first EP, released just a couple of months ago, in August 7th, 2021. Such single also presents the band’s first music video ever, and it’s a very amusing one!

The band, comprised of Michel Egloff-Sieber (Vocals), Remo Lemp (Lead Guitar), Corinne Ryter (Rhythm Guitar), Marco Schweizer (Drums) and Sandro Suter (Bass), went through a lot of trouble before coming to its final line-up and recording their first EP, but nothing stopped these guys from delivering their message!

Sharing many metal influences like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, a bit of Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth, Ophelia’s Dream sound is heavy, with low-tuned guitars, blasting drums and low-growling/screaming vocals, basing their sound on bands like Parkway Drive, In Flames and Periphery.

Inside the video we can see as young woman battles with her own “demons” in everyday life stressing situations, but keeping everything inside. Such is the message of the song.

“The Demon behind My Mind” deals with the fact that each one of us has its “demon” in his head and that there are situations that one would like to deal with differently in one’s imagination but cannot do so because of morals and conventions. But it is also a warning that not dealing with one’s demons or swallowing situations can at some point lead to psychological overload and a related freak-out.” – Ophelia’s Eye

The band’s name is inspired by the novel “The Sandman” by E. T. A. Hoffmann. A novel about the traumatic childhood experience of a student, and how he starts to lose himself between delusion and reality because of the charms of beautiful “Olimpia”. To make the name sound rounder, Olimpia is called Ophelia in the band’s name.

A great start for this young band, promising much more music to come. By the way, the song will be available on every streaming platform on October 22, and it is already available for Pre-save. Check it out!

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