Year Of The Fist’s new album reminds us that rock’n’roll is still very much alive and kicking. A vibrant collection of four kick-ass songs that’ll blow your mind and make you sweat. Listen right now to “Live At Ivy Room”.

Yes my friends, rock and roll is alive and well. Actually, pretty well! And we have this Oakland, CA band to prove it. This is the fourth release by our very good friends from DCxPC, a live music only label that you should be aware of by now!

The album was recorded in a livestream at the Ivory Room in Albany, CA and comes with four separate tracks that blast all the way through with full throttle. Heavy riffs, violent drums and a very powerful voice that feels like a mix between Joan Jett and Janis Joplin. Pure fucking rock and roll for the ages!

Starting up with “Killer On The Road“, the album quickly presents itself heavy and greasy. Slamming drums, driving bass and melodic vocals create a very unique mix of a sound that feels refreshing.

Coming up with “Red Lights Flash” the pace doesn’t seem to slow down, au contraire, it feels even more impulsive, more greasy and more sweaty. Vocals soar through the high-octane guitars and maniac drums.

50FT Queenie” starts with a guitar riff as heavy as the Sun. A song that ravages everything it touches. Here comes the Queen…

And to make a perfect finale, Year of The Fist finishes its album with “I Want Your Love“, a heavily anthemic punk rock theme that resembles heavy notable songs from the 90s with its catchy hook and guitar solo.

Year of the Fist mix 80’s punk rock energy with 1990s grunge and alternative rock in a way that comes across as unique and refreshing in the year 2021.

The band will be on tour in support of the album the last two weeks of October as they tour to The Fest in Gainesville, FL.

The album, released in vinyl, is limited to 200 copies so make sure you get one yourself before they sell out!!

Truly an outstanding band which we have to thank for lighting up that rock and roll spirit once again. Keep on rocking!!

Year Of The Fist is:

SQUEAKY – Guitar and Vocals
KATIE CASH – Guitar and Vocals
HAL9000 BEERS – Drums and Vocals
SERGE – Bass and Vocals

Support YOTF on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. You can also check out their tour dates on Bands In Town . If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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