KAROSHI – “Fun4evry1” & “Pinhead”

Karoshi’s style is a brilliant and nostalgic sound that reminds us of great electropunk/breakbeat bands like The Prodigy and Pendulum. With their two new singles, Karoshi is bound to break some necks both on the dance floor or in the comfort of our homes. Listen right now to “Fun4evry1” and The Ramone’s re-imagination “Pinhead“.

Hello and good morning/evening/night to all of you, my dear friends! It’s such a pleasure to be back here with you again and today we have some quite energetic tracks for you to start your week right. Both tracks have been brought to us by this super duo from Brisbane, Australia!

Karoshi is an electropunk, breakbeat hardcore duo that saw its birth thanks to the wonders of the internet! Mark Lingane (Bass guitar, programming, and vocals) posted an online advertisement looking for a guitarist to put riffs over big beats, and so, David Gale (Guitars, vocals), who had also been searching for someone to put beats under his riffs, answered the call. And they’ve been releasing music ever since!

Our number one rule for any idea or song we have is simple – can you dance to it? While working on tracks at either Mark’s or my home studios, there are times when I am up jumping around which means it is a goer! If not, we either tweak it or can it” – Karoshi

Now, the duo is back with a two-for-one special, starting with their latest single “Fun4evry1”, a song about how music seems to be all about being classified and labelled into genres and sub-genres, detracting from the energy and the enjoyment it can bring. Karoshi’s single is a reminder that music should be fun for everyone, and it tells us so with a very cute message by Dave’s 8 yo daughter.

Abrasive, electronic and heavy, this track brings back 90s memories from bands like Deftones and The Prodigy. A mix of heavy electronic drum beats in a drum and bass-ish style, and heavy guitar riffs sure to allure every metal fan out there!

The ironic thing about FUN4EVRY1 is that the song is about how genres and labels reduce the value of music, reducing who may listen to it and the opportunity for it to be shared. If music was just “music” then it could be for everybody, where these days many people won’t listen to a song if they think they don’t like that particular genre, so I included my child on the recording sharing the message because it really is that simple. The weirdest thing is that we don’t know what genre the song actually fits into!” – Karoshi

Track 2, “Pinhead” is a re-imagination of punk titans, The Ramones. Far from a cover, this song takes a big twist with highly energetic drums, electro vocals, massive bass, and heavy AF guitars.

The song was originally done for a bit of fun at the suggestion of a friend who said the Brisbane Ramonesathon may be reintroduced, and it would be great to have something different than each band replicating the songs, The song turned out great so it was recorded for this release to keep dance floors and mosh pits moving.” – Karoshi

Karoshi’s music has big danceability to it and it’s perfect for either your own speakers or those of a massive festival. Its raw sound sparks up once more a style that seemed to be long gone, but thanks to Mark and Dave have been shed a new light!

For any new listeners – that is probably the main point, that we feel there aren’t too many bands out there that we sound exactly like, but it’s really all about the energy. There are Karoshi tracks to jump around and dance to (FUN4EVRY1, Pinhead, Not My Style, Get Out Of My House, Monster), and there are tracks that are a bit more intense (Become, Lose My Way, Fire, Enough) but it’s all Karoshi and we hope people will be willing to come on the ride with us!” – Karoshi

You can find Karoshi on InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube, and Spotify. You can also visit their official website.  If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp; for virtual concerts, you can go to songkick “Live from their sofa to yours”.

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