Neave Marr “Lie To Me”

Neave Marr sings about how she wishes to salvage a destined to be doomed relationship in her single,  ‘Lie To Me’, and the EP it belongs to. 

A young and recently debuted R&B and pop singer-songwriter, Neave Marr came onto the scene in early 2021 with a distinct style and sound. Capturing a mature meaning and atmosphere with her lyrics and sophisticated melodies. Her debut EP, Diary Thoughts, is a clear-cut example of her previously mentioned skills as well as a window into her thoughts, as it is an audible version of what the artist would write in a real diary. 

Diary Thoughts, released on the twenty-fourth of September, is a seven-track release that focuses on unhealthy relationships, love, and the subsequent betrayals, and the lingering hope for something better past this era of pain and heartbreak. The first single from the EP, Oh Boy, is the first track of the project while the second single, Lie To Me, is the following track on the list. 

Lie To Me is a song centered on two lovers deceiving each other and themselves into believing the relationship is going well. 

As a song, Lie To Me is an alluring R&B track with a focus on electronic reverbs and soulful beats, alongside Neave’s deep and blooming vocals — with its simple chorus and intriguing story, it is meant to stay in your head all day. As a story, the track is full of grievance coming from the unfulfilled desire of a happy relationship, even if it was born out of a facade. 

The track presents a situation where a couple attempts to convince each other that their relationship is fine, while that is further from the truth.  As they portray this idea of a fairytale-like love and affinity, their real connection gets doomed deeper and deeper with each lie, until it is truly too late to try to be honest with each other and fix what might be wrong between them. With the concept of a what-if being something that will never come true, what is left is regret and a self who keeps begging for lies of happiness and affection. 

Diary Thoughts as a whole holds a very similar feeling to its second track, showing different types of losses of a dear companion. The EP works as immortalization of these moments of Neave Marr’s life and gives way to a rebirth where the artist can eventually put behind this painful past and walk onto a flowery path full of better experiences. Regardless of what the future holds, Diary Thoughts and Lie To Me are here for those who can understand the feelings embedded in them. 

Neave has spoken on how being an artist is her biggest dream and goal, stating that “there is nothing else I can see myself doing in life, [so] I’m going to work as hard as I need for this dream to become a reality”. Now in the process of achieving what she’s set out to do, the up and coming star is determined to keep going at her current pace and giving better quality with every new release, making her an artist worth keeping an eye on. 

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