Teena “Trials & Tribulations”

Today’s single looks into broken relationships. Those where one side wishes to make things work out and is met with apathy and disinterest from the other side. It hurts and is confusing, and many questions arise in their head. Most of them blaming themselves… “Trials & Tribulations” brings forth a glimmer of hope for the better days that comes from letting go of the person.

Young pop artist Teenatown stirs a tasty compote featuring her emotional fresh vocals in evocative equally refreshing production. Teena’s sound is where her blend of disco and synthpop with basslines most irresistible meet potent fearless voice. Her first song “What if We Kissed?” caught the attention of many and with such a sound, how could it not – it sounds and feels as dreamy as a song longing for love could be. Since then she has released a slew of singles, each showing yet another side of her musicality. “Soul” for instance is a rhythmic popping tune that I imagine plays inside a person living their life. Her most recent single “Flowergirl” which was featured earlier on this blog, is a powerful song of confidence and not succumbing to society’s vision of what someone should be like.

Teena’s newest single goes into the more painful side of love and relationships. Named quite aptly “Trials and Tribulations”, the single tackles emotions that come from being in a relationship always giving, but never receiving. The person you love and who once loved you is distant in all ways one could think of. As the song continues through the layered feels of heartbreak, the realization comes that this is never going to work out. It’s over and it’s time to let go, and it’s a hard thing to do.

Somber synths in echoing space that feel like late-night spent walking along city streets drowning in your worried mind begin the song. Heavy thoughts unraveled and laid out into lyrics, her voice sounds so sad and heartbroken. It’s a song sung by someone who feels left aside, no longer understood, and unable to understand. The moment of realization coming in the second half of the song is beautifully marked with an uplifting note. What I feel is even better is it’s one spark of hope in the middle of the sea of sorrow that really shows that even if it’s the right call – letting go – it’s a hard thing to do. Entirely understandable why one would hold on so long and prefer not to see the way out.

For someone who has recently been in a relationship that went nowhere, or for someone who is in that situation right now, this could be a very eye-opening song. But even if you can’t relate to the song on this day today, “Trials & Tribulations” has a lovely smooth production with the most pleasant voice!

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