This is a fantastic Country Rock song that will delight you even if you aren’t into the genre. Great composition and flawless delivery can be heard in this new single by the Gulf Stream Riders. Listen right now to “Sharks, Aliens, Etc.

That’s it, folks, we’re doing country today. Even if you ain’t a Country Rock connoisseur like me, this song is apt for any music lovers, like us, out there. A mellow and powerful single that’s sure to captivate you from the get-go.

But let me first talk to you about our friends here, Gulf Stream Riders aka Chris and Nalle. Apparently, they used to be the former members of a hard rock band that had a record deal with Warner Music in Scandinavia and used to tour in LA. The information about such a band remains a secret but I’m sure that it was a damn good one. Anyway, the band broke up a while ago, with Chris studying back home in NY and Nalle writing and producing for artists around the world.

But life thought it was about time these two met each other again to pick up their lifelong dream of making the kind of music closer to their hearts… Country/Country Rock. After a successful string of singles, the band is back again with their new track “Sharks, Aliens, etc. and it’s a damn good one!

Starting with finger-snapping to set the pace, a country guitar riff sets the mood for the vocals to join in. Suddenly, hard-hitting drums and electric guitars surprise us with short bursts of energy! The song quickly becomes a fast-paced, All-country song, with slide guitars and catchy melodic vocals. Pristine.

Rascally verse lyrics, inspired by recent headlines, trade-off with a fun, reassuring chorus.

Vocalist, Chris, had a heart attack and subsequent surgery this past spring. Now he’s back stronger than before, so the duo put together this tune to celebrate! Music speaks better than words, so go ahead and listen right now to “Sharks, Aliens, Etc.”

“The opening melody and lyric came from the news headlines a few months back. It is still unclear why the sharks were all balling up on each other like that. At the same time, tons of UFO footage from the US Navy was hitting. Then the chorus shifts to a friendly reminder about keeping the mind from eating itself; a familiar theme with GSR tunes. The next verse references mystic woo currents from contemporaneous household discussions. The bridge is a cognitive zoom-out from tiny to inconceivably huge. This was the first song recorded after vocalist Christopher’s emergency bypass surgery in April. He had no idea he was even sick! Turns out a fully functioning heart makes things a little easier and he has been gratefully enjoying this new and improved instrument coming back on line. Expect catchy, thought-provoking folk-rock and country 🙂

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