Piper Cole “Soul Eyes”

Do you ever feel like you’re standing in one place, feeling stuck creatively or spiritually? Or perhaps you want to run far away from the daily struggles to find some resolution and strength within. Piper Cole understands this feeling and her newest song touches the topic of finding a path to feeling whole again.

Piper Cole is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter and producer. Working as a psychotherapist, she sees human struggles daily, witnessing self-development and coming out stronger. Those deep themes influence Piper’s music as well, particularly the lyrics, which gain a very nuanceful, gentle, and understanding side. And when she sings, it feels pure and heartfelt, almost magical. Piper’s musical output so far includes one EP “Wildish” and one single “Bones”, opening the door to her atmospheric folk-influenced electronica. A graduate of music production and sound design courses, the young and soulful artist has found an even more creative spark in her, putting her new knowledge to use in her newest release.

Released on October 1st, “Soul Eyes” may not be the first song she has released, but it is first in many other ways:

This is my first fully self-produced track so it’s also my debut as a music producer. After having worked with other producers in the past I kept finding that I wanted to be fully in control creatively. It feels empowering as a female identifying artist in a male dominated industry. In the studio I am experimental with effects and editing and enjoy sound design as part of the writing process. I am hugely inspired by experimental artists, such as Kate Bush and LCD Soundsystem, who combine acoustic sounds with electronic elements and push the boundaries of traditional folk singer-songwriter genres. This is what I was going for with ‘Soul Eyes’.

Piper Cole

Calm, serene soundscapes form as the song begins. Charming synth chords echo through the boundless atmosphere and surround the crystalline singing voice. The chromatic chords that brush through bring a ton of goosebumps, and the otherwise tranquil atmosphere is densely populated with little sounds. Percussive elements, glistening sounds, and small groups of notes liven up the landscape, making it feel like a springtime woodland of a spiritual kind. A foggy evening in the woodland that you ran to into in search of some peace.

Soul Eyes’ speaks to those moments in our life where we feel stuck and crave to live with more authenticity and aliveness. It could be showing up in stale relationships or in a longing to connect with creativity. The question “what needs to die today for me to live a little bit more” was swimming around in my head when I was figuring out the lyrics. I work as a psychotherapist and my music is greatly influenced by the many people I have worked with on their journeys through pain, fear and disconnection and the striving to reach wholeness.

It’s a common theme in my life as well. In order to be more real, what old skin do I need to shed off that’s been weighing me down and cutting me off from the world?

Piper Cole

“Soul Eyes” opens up an exciting year for Piper, as she gets ready to release a slew of new singles, all self-produced:

What’s coming up next for me is a couple of new singles before the year is finished. I have so many unfinished songs on my hard drive so I need to pick a couple and get them polished and keep honing my creative production skills.

If you’re a fan of Kate Bush and Tory Amos or calmer yet expressive electronica or indie folk, this artist is a must-listen. You might find a new favourite artist in her!

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