Greg Bounce “Can I Now Feel?”

Leaving behind what has become old and stale feels like an escape. It is an exciting and a bit scary adventure. Greg Bounce’s newest single works through that feeling with featherlight ease and turn it into some of the freshest songs, where emotions intertwine with the cool freeing breeze.

Former Londoner and now living in Lisbon, Greg Bounce is a singer-songwriter making music he has described as “Continental pop Lisbon” in his Spotify bio. He left London for a change of scenes, and while the artist initially meant it to be temporary, he’s now home and caressing the creative easygoing vibes the city has to offer.

And certainly when you give a listen to his debut single “Fear that Love”, you can feel that dose of splendid flowing energy between the synth and guitar notes and those gentle vocals. It’s the kind of sound you would meet when visiting the town. Ask the residents about some great local bands, and they would point you towards this.

“You should expect something a little curious and strange, packaged in a poppy, sophisticated musical box 🎁 I love how we can make familiar sounding music to get across something weird or an important message.”

Greg Bounce

The debut song has company now, as Greg has today released his second single. Titled “Can I Now Feel??”, this song reflects the artist’s recent curvy path moving away from London and going into the unknown. Full of popping synths and otherwise an expansive and free atmosphere, the single feels like a journey on foot through a landscape, a sense of freedom filling the lungs.

Really aptly too, as hiking became the artist’s favorite hobby, and hiking on new yet-to-be-explored paths feels a lot like moving on in life. The soft airy vocals, undeniable amounts of optimism, and positivity in the rhythm are followed by slightly introspective lyrics. It feels like a rewarding song – getting on that journey may feel scary, but where it takes you will feel free-spirited and happy.

I’d written the demo for Can I Now Feel? ages ago. But I guess like most demos, they hang around a bit in your mind, and your computer, before either being lost forever or popping back into your thoughts at the weirdest of times.

In this case, I was looking at the jellyfish in the oceanarium in Lisbon. The way these cool guy jellyfish swam reminded me of the bouncy demo, which at that time was just a loop of bouncy synth, drums and bass. I actually filmed these cool guy jellyfish at the time for my Instagram (you can see the post below)

This was the little push I needed to look back at it and write the rest of it. I went to Manchester to record it, with my lovely friend and producer Sam Jones helping with the chorus. Then another friend Brendan Williams topped it all off with some brilliant drums, rhodes and the guitar. I’m a very lucky guy to play with these cool jellyfish and humans! And I”m really pleased with how it all turned out.

Greg Bounce

In answer to this song’s title – yes! In fact, never stop feeling, for those emotions and sensations help guide you along this weird crooky path taking into the unknown. And if you’d love to have some smooth easygoing indie pop along on the journey, Greg Bounce’s music is an ideal companion. Also, the artist is just building up momentum as he has plans for releasing his debut album and EP in the near future!

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