Hannah Grace “Foxgloves”

Hannah Grace plays with the concept of “trying to cheer someone up yet achieving the opposite” and gives it her own witchy and sinister playful twist in her song, ‘Foxgloves’.

The United Kingdom-born and now Spain-based vocalist and lyricist Hannah Grace began her artistic journey at a young age, performing in theatre and attending the Royal Academy of Dance until her mid-teens. Her experiences on stage lead to an interest in creating her own music, and at age fifteen Hannah has written her first album, ‘Beyond The Window’. After over a decade of life experiences and being part of several bands, her passion for music and performance has only become deeper. 

Playing instruments by ear and finding songwriting easier than conversating, it goes without saying that music flows through Hannah’s veins. Hannah’s sound is a blend between the traditional musical elements and the current mainstream tunes, mainly pop and indie, alongside the uniquely haunting dynamic and atmospheric sounds. 

Foxgloves, a single released on the 13th of October, is an intricate look into how being forced to wear a mask of happiness can affect us. 

Making mistakes is part of the human experience. At times, we’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time, or have screwed up to an irreparable degree. Other times, we’re the ones on the other side of the conversation: the ones who are told words that only worsen our moods or the ones who can’t hold back our anger when someone else hurts us with a mistake. 

Hannah Grace’s new stirring dark pop song, Foxgloves, handles the aforementioned situation. The track is inspired by those moments we have to pretend we’re fine despite the pain, anger, or shock we’re experiencing — and after a while, being so used to wearing the mask that we might forget our true emotions. In her attempt to express how these situations make her feel, Hannah has written a bewitching song that plays with the topic at hand, turning the well-meaning positive words that can hurt like daggers into actual weapons, interpreting a character who intentionally brings pain upon others. 

Official music video for “Foxgloves”

Adding some of her imagination, Hannah decided to make a fictional character out of her genuine thoughts. The song is then told from the perspective of a powerful character, alluded to as some sort of sorcerer or magical being, who takes pleasure in toying with people’s emotions, seeing them as toys solely there for her amusement. Just like our mindset when being told something might twist something positive into a back-handed comment, the witchy protagonist rips away the innocence of the nice words she sings, adding an eerie tone to what is usually told when trying to cheer someone up. 

Hannah spoke on the thoughts that created the song, stating:

 “Since I was a little girl, I have frequently heard people saying things like ‘Cheer up, it might never happen’ and the like as I was walking down the street or something. It’s a common thing to hear in your hometown or whatever. Now, sometimes this comment can be a nice little reminder that yeah, the world isn’t that bad and we should all be more positive and grateful for what we have in life. I’m all for that. But, sometimes, life might be taking a good few swings and you might not be in quite the normal cheery mood for a bit.”

“I’m sure there are plenty of people, like myself who have felt a bit of an irritated twinge and might have just wanted to punch that person when they’ve been told to smile in bad moments and I thought that feeling was worth thinking about.”

In an exploration of her emotions, Hannah Grace has created a mysterious story that draws listeners in. Her music pushes those who are enchanted by it to try to understand the arcane meaning behind it, and in the process falling for her art. Foxgloves is just one of the many songs Hannah has released, and in the future, there will always be more tracks that will carry with them her creative tinge. 

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