Blasting rock and roll with a sublime production and a lot of attitude. Let yourself be thrilled once more by this NinjaRock duo and their newest hard-hitting single, listen right now to Rival Karma’s “Jesus Is From Chico“.

Hello, my friends!! As always a pleasure to welcome you back. First of all, let me tell you right away: No, this isn’t a religious track! But it does feel a little bit holy. “Jesus Is From Chico” is Rival Karma’s newest single and we can’t be more pleased to have them back again on our blog. By the way, if you missed their last single review you can find it here: Honey. I’m telling you, you don’t wanna miss it.

Ok, guys, so, this one goes for all you Queens of The Stone Age, Black Keys, and Led Zeppelin fans out there. Pure NinjaRock, as the band, calls it, is filled with silky-fuzzy guitars and heavy-hitting drums. Man, those toms! Amazing sound, as always, brought to you by this UK duo.

Now, the story of the song is about the struggles and confrontations the band has as artists, more specifically with touring. You know, having to always please somebody when sometimes you’re the one who wants to be enjoying the show. Spending weeks, even months on the road and missing out on important things at home. It all becomes a bit blurry and the duo sometimes wonders: “Is it all worth it”?

The song is part of their upcoming E.P. “Powerduism”, which is the result of a long year of hard work, exploration, and perfection in their craft to achieve a long-time wanted to sound. I dunno about you guys, but I think they nailed it!

Heavy, sexy, flawless in every sense, “Jesus Is From Chico” is truly a blast and so fun to play. As for the track’s title, the band was on tour in California and was stuck without a place to stay on a gig night in the town of Chico (North California). Along came Jesus, a young man, who welcomed them into his home for the night – so the guys decided to honor his good deed in their song as a thank you.

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