SMOKE SPIDER – “The Damage Is Done”

Classic Rock adventurers have returned once again with a fourth, powerful single. “The Damage Is Done” is a brilliant rock and roll composition with a perfect blend of heavy and melodic. Smoke Spider keeps reminding us that “analog” music is the best music.

That’s right my friends! This fantastic epic track by our Swedish friends Göran and Johan is sure to captivate all of you romantics of nostalgia. With vocals that remind us of our dear black star, David Bowie, “The Damage is Done” resembles all that’s good of that classic 80s, 90s sound.

With flawless execution and a pristine sound, this new single by Smoke Spider promises a heavy dose of pure rock and roll.

The song might sound uplifting, yet it has a quite heavy lyrical theme… The unstoppable, everlasting end of everything. Yikes! That’s right! a dystopic depiction of the end of
things being this prolonged process. The end going on forever.
Well, it sure gave me the chills, but quite honestly the song doesn’t feel as somber as it sounds.

A mix of heavy and clean guitars, both electric and acoustic, spacial synths, massive drums, gritty bass, and melodic vocals can be heard inside the band’s single. “Spacey” if you’d like, and with a special groove that characterizes this Swedish duo. It’s got everything, an anthemic guitar solo, heavenly choirs, interesting phrases, and a sublime atmosphere, but don’t just believe me, check it out yourself!

In case you missed Smoked Spider’s previous single, you can check it out, right here: You’re Wearing Me Out.

Knowing each other from the heydays of the 90s, Göran and Johan are happy to be re-connecting and letting the creativity flow once again, just as they were simply returning from a journey.

Well, Smoke Spider is still working according to plan; write, record, release. This is our fourth single. The Damage Is Done is dealing with some heavy stuff, you might say, but still it’s only rock n roll but we like it, y’know.

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