Dopplegangers – “Three Steps South”

An overdose of cool western-meets-modern pop. Doppleganger’s new single, inspired by Tarantino, Lynch, and Scorcese soundtracks, will entertain you for days to come. Listen right now to “Three Steps South“.

TGIF!! And with this new day comes brand new, cool music. First of all, let me welcome you back to your favorite music blog, we’re so happy to see you come back again and again. And to make your stay worthwhile we have prepared a pretty awesome new single by these fine, London-based gentlemen.

Twins Robert and Lewis Mawer, originally from a small town in North Yorkshire, moved to London in 2015 to pursue their careers in music. Initially working as guitarists and songwriters, collaborating with other like-minded musicians around the capital, they eventually created Dopplegangers as a collaboration project, inviting different London-based singers on every track.

Now, the duo has decided to grab the wheel and front the band themselves, taking full creative control and reimagining the band’s sound in the process. And, boy, what a sound!

“Three Steps South” is their first step towards their new direction, and they are really happy with the result. So are we! A western-meets-modern production that satisfies and makes way for what’s to come for Dopplegangers.

While this single does retain glimmers of our retro surfy guitar sounds, a new production style has injected a more contemporary pop feel into the mix.” – Dopplegangers

Taking full advantage of lockdown, the twins used up every free time they had to write a lot of new material. The single originally started with a riff that Lewis came up with, and everything went smooth sailing from there. The result is a groovy, smacking tune with a lot of personality and grace. Lyrics detail the trials and tribulations of moving to London from a small town and trying to get a foothold in such an unrelenting industry.

“In early 2021 we took our new material into the studio, and began to flesh out the rough demos we’d worked on. The studio in question was Buffalo Studios in Limehouse, London. These sessions were engineered by JB Pilon, who owns a plethora of vintage musical equipment which is always a must for us.” – Dopplegangers

One thing that pops out clearly is the heavy-yet-smooth bass line. Funky and with attitude. While dubbed vocals and choirs really finish bringing this track to life. Guitar lines, smooth riffs, beating drums, and flowing dynamics make “Three Steps South” a song to be remembered and replayed over and over again.

After we were happy with the vocal arrangement we asked our good friend Joe Traxler to produce. Joe is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based in Vienna and is also a very tasteful producer. We wanted Joe’s more tastes to inject a more contemporary feel into the track, which resembles a drastic change in tone from our previous work. We’re overjoyed with the result and want this track to be a benchmark for the rest of our new material.” – Dopplegangers

Any newcomers to their sound can expect a harmonious blend of retro and modern influences, top lined with very Northern garage-rock-esque vocals! So go ahead and listen to “Three Steps South” right now!

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