Kat Kikta “Under the Moonlight”

Nights with full moon have a much more mysterious feel to them. For some of us a bright full moon is an invitation to reject sleep and go outside to experience an alternate world. For others it feeds the dreams and desires to be together with that special someone. “Under the Moonlight” is a single born from moonlight and speaks to all of the nocturnals, of which I’m sure there are many.

Creator of sounds most immersive, mysterious and boundless, Kat Kikta is an artist of spiritual plane, creating music that enchants our ears and soothes the anxious soul. Inspired to heal and resurrect the spirits, the London-based singer-songwriter joins elements of sound art, electronic music and the power of voice. She also incorporates rare instruments used by makers of spiritual music and sound healers, allowing their gentle melodic sounds populate her freely flowing soundscapes. Each of her songs are a healing journey on their own – “I Let You Go” is about realizing when it’s time to let go of someone. “Magic” reminds to caress all the moments we have with our loved ones, and embrace being in the present.

Kat Kikta continues to expand her sonic worlds with the newest single “Under the Moonlight”. Inspired and influenced by the magic moonlit nights hold, the song brings about a kind of magical nocturnal feel infused with stargazing and longing for the loved one’s touch. It’s the kind of night where dreams gain the power to become true, and on the field surrounded by layered voices and glinting strings those once separated get to see each other again. It could be lovers’ common fairytale or an open-eyed experience of a vivid dream, who knows. But one’s for sure, the atmosphere is filled with threads of desire and yearning.

Set you reminder for the premiere of this Video October 29 9:45 (check your time zone)

“Under the Moonlight” is as magical as it is romantic. Her vocals sound pure, gentle and evocative as if it belongs to a forest fairy, softly unravelling the emotions and speaking the deepest wishes. Sounds of nighttime creatures roaming about adding an extra touch of mystery, the song is full of airy echoing layered soundscapes with a timeless feel. It’s definitely a recommended song for anyone who loves atmospheric music with a spiritual link or romantic songs with a magical feel!

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