A.B. Violet “These Other Things”

“What am I gonna do tomorrow?”
An echoing question and a plea for stability in the wobbly state of life, this line begins today’s single. This flowing song speaks especially deeply for all of those who battle with their intrusive thoughts, searching for stable grounds.

A.B. Violet is back with her third single. This bright Essex-based singer-songwriter has shown us her spacious liquid all-encompassing productions before with her debut “Only Need Me” and following “Merry Go Round“. A.B. Violet’s music is full of echoing soundscapes, her singing voice twirls and floats like a colorful butterfly with trails blending in with the smooth atmosphere. The artist seeks to heal and comfort listeners, her lyrics often touching topics of bad relationships and mental health issues. In fact, today’s single is a deep look into what living with anxiety and untameable mood swings feel like. In many ways, it’s like a toxic relationship, but with your own mind, and this is how the song is built up as well.

These Other Things” looks up towards the sky in search of answers. Her evocative vocals feel distant yet present, sounding absolutely enchanting with her ethereal kind of singing. The magical air does not mask the pain and heartache, quite the contrary – the artist brings it all out and presents the dysfunctional mental state as a relationship with someone who feels possessive of you without caring about you at all. Another day living in this state passes by, and the questioning tone in her voice hits harder than ever.

The song offers an interesting visual, as for me being locked in that state feels rather claustrophobic. “These Other Things” feels like you’re going out for a walk in the late evening, in an attempt to clear up your head. No one is around to hear you cry, and while it feels sad, it’s also somehow comforting. This reverb-heavy vibrant space that surrounds us gains color from what mood we’re in, and maybe ultimately will echo back the answers we seek. It’s a wonderful song for anyone loving songs riding on strong spacious smoothness with a magical edge to it.

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