Smotherly Love “Two Flights Up”

A single born from being confined to a hotel room by unforeseeable events. While its creator sat practically trapped, the single itself flows freely and carries the worried thoughts far away, dropping them off somewhere in the distance. This psychedelic synth-pop tune you’re about to hear is awesome!

Smotherly Love is a sweet cosmically psychedelic project lead on by Sam Masters. This Essex-based artist combines what are some of the smoothest love-inspiring vocals with a full-bodied psyche-indie rock affair. Rhythmic lively soundscapes are laden with echoing sounds, it’s a bit like listening to a live concert taking place on a celestial plane. Vibeful and a bit intoxicating, it proves to bring forth a really good late-night pleasure. Smotherly Love’s discography is rather compact for now – he released his debut album in 2020 called “Predestinate Grooves” and it’s every bit as groovy as you would hope it to be. That year also had the single “Less Shoulders, More Coping”, a deep psychedelic tune with a cinematic feel and jazzy percussion.

“I think listeners should expect, warm sounding rich tracks with heavy production FX and hazy vibes throughout. Lyrically my music is often self reflecting but also kind of intentionally vague at times.”

Smotherly Love

The project returns with his newest single that came out over the weekend. “Two Flights Up” is a lush vibeful pop tune that carries probably the best of what worlds of psychedelic rock and catchy pop can offer. His vocals are accompanied by those of Laura Shaw, who is a singer of Kid Cupid with an angelic voice. What begins as a quite straightforward song immediately gains layers and layers of magical threads when the harmonious voices and those swelling synth notes come in. Almost like a cloud of nebula or a bird with gigantic wings, “Two Flights Up” spreads and envelops.

“So this track was written after the release of my debut EP Predestinate Grooves. I was stuck up in a hotel in the Scottish Highlands during the Covid lockdown and came to writing a lot of music, from which this is the first track being released as a single. It touches on this kind of stasis and almost cabin fever I was experiencing at the time whilst also trying to grapple with new and old feelings.”

Smotherly Love

The song’s ecstatic atmosphere is filled with echoed vocals and instruments that intertwine and blend together like ice in cognac. For anyone who loves chilled-out music spiced up with synths and psychedelic elements, this does feel like a great drink that tingles the senses and irons out any wrinkle of worry.

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