Soda Cracker Jesus “Kaleidoscope”

We’re glad to announce that Seattle, Washington-based solo artist Soda Cracker Jesus has released a new single, entitled “Kaleidoscope.”

Soda Cracker Jesus is the bedroom rock project of Regan Lane, the front-man for retro-infused, time-travelling rockers Strangely Alright. As a solo project, Soda Cracker Jesus allows Regan to be his musical self, without any of the restrictions and limitations of needing to conform to the established band sound; and while Strangely Alright’s music is a collaborative team effort, Soda Cracker Jesus is Regan Lane distilled down to his basic musical essence – music from his soul.

Soda Cracker Jesus’s first three singles (“My Anthem” (our review here), “Drug My Soul” (our review here), and “Kill It Tomorrow” (our review here)) have been played on over 100 indie radio stations each, as well having charted on the prestigious Indie Alliance Charts (including numerous #1’s). Soda Cracker Jesus’s music has also been featured on blogs and websites around the world, including The New Music Food Truck, Eclectic Music Lover, Jpgchief, as well as Ballroom Blitz’s Man At The Back. “My Anthem” was also added to Jpgchief’s Top 100 Songs 2021, and the video for the track was added to the International Singer-Songwriters Association’s Television Network Channel on ROKU.

Infused with a taste of late-era Beatles psychedelia and Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett years, Soda Cracker Jesus’s latest single, “Kaleidoscope,” is catchy, honest, and heartfelt. A gently lilting, groove-driven ballad with inward-looking and self-exploratory lyrics written after Regan’s father passed away, it is essentially a nostalgic slice of acoustic pop that benefits from the cyclical nature of music fashion, in that when you go far enough back down the pathway of music past, you eventually find yourself in the future. And like all great songs, the lyrics of Kaleidoscope give you much to contemplate, but in a vague enough way that each listener can interpret them as they see fit and gain the understanding that works for them.

Describing the sound and inspiration behind the track, Regan Lane says, “I was told its Lennon-meets-Bowie-meets-Peter Gabriel in a dark alley. lol… Not sure about that, but it feels good. My dad and I had a complicated relationship and before he passed we were good. This song is about the emotions and feelings that come with that. I think anyone at any age can relate to dealing with loss. I don’t usually bare my soul but this is as close as it comes.

“Kaleidoscope” begins with the nostalgic melodies of a keyboard and strings, while Regan Lane’s evocative vocals soon join in, complementing the melancholic-tinged keyboards quite well and adding nicely to the retro feel of the track. Towards the beginning, Regan’s lyrics are cleverly matched by effects such as the falling of rain and the echoing sound of a bicycle bell; while the laidback yet dynamic shuffle of the percussion sets the track into a gentle groove that is soon sustained further by deep bass notes, as acoustic guitar strumming (and later, bright organ notes) nicely highlight the choruses. “Kaleidoscope” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, showcasing Soda Cracker Jesus’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of 60’s psychedelic pop/rock and retro-sounding alternative/indie music alike.

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