Elison- “Meet Me Halfway”

Humans are social beings. Thus, relationships are something that we closely cherish. We have people that are close to us, whom we know we can rely upon if we are in trouble. Not all relationships are healthy, however: sometimes they offer more harm than good. Realizing this imbalance and leaving them behind is difficult and takes a lot of courage. Elision’s debut single “Meet Me Halfway” is inspired by this moment of clarity: when one realizes they must bid farewell to an unhealthy relationship for one’s own sake.

“I’m a bit of an optimist and I have found myself in multiple relationships where they lasted far longer than they deserved because I was always willing to give my partner one more chance.” Marissa

Elison is made up of frontwoman Marissa Kephart (vocals, guitar) and producer Scott Yoshimura (multi-instrumentalist). Born and raised in Iowa by a family of artists, Kephart wished throughout all of her life to write music. It was until the 2020 pandemic struck that she finally decided to do it as a way of processing all of the chaos that was happening around the world. She wrote “Meet Me Halfway” as her first demo and showed it to her teacher, Yoshimura. They instantly discovered their creative energy aligned and decided to join forces, creating Elison. “Meet Me Halfway” was recorded in Yoshimura’s personal studio.

“Meet Me Halfway” is an atmospheric indie rock track. Elison takes advantage of the sonority of the vocals and the guitars to create an immersive mood that propels the track’s emotions forward, as the energy builds upon the verses and explodes once again in the chorus. A calm yet disappointed tone can be heard in the vocals. They sing about how they cannot continue in this relationship, and how they are better off alone. As the track continues, a message of hope gains power: even though we are stuck in bad situations, such as an unhealthy relationship, we can get out of them. “Meet Me Halfway” offers a sense of empowerment to the listener for them to immerse themselves into.

“I think the future listener can expect to be surprised by us. We’re still figuring out who we are as a band so I have a feeling we’ll continue to be exploring our sound in future releases.”

Elison debut track “Meet Me Halfway” promises much more to come in the future. With such a powerful musical statement as their debut, it is exciting to know that we will have the chance to follow the duo as they develop and grow! Give “Meet Me Halfway” a listen and check them out yourself!

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