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Losing the sense of life is probably a feeling many of us are familiar with. Sometimes it hits randomly, sometimes it hits when the doors get shut unexpectedly and you feel there is no plan B to living. Elly Kace’s newest single “I” goes through that clusterflux of emotions and touches the theme of grief-twinged hope and the soul’s deepest wishes.

Official video for “I” starring Jasmine Mendoza, co-directed by Elly Kace, Jasmine Mendoza, and Ryan Rivard.

Elly Kace, born Elyse Anne Kakacek, is an acclaimed opera singer. Her passion for music became apparent ever since she learned to speak. The journey of the little future artist included a whole whirlpool of performing as a part of child choir, sharing the stage with renowned artists like Celine Dion and Bobby McFerrin, and learning a lot. The spiritual and healing side of music and its ability to connect humans on a deep level is important for Elly, and it became especially crucial when the pandemic hit and paused her opera career, leaving the artist in depression. In fact, that’s what her newest releases are all about – self-expression at its purest form and a way to heal herself.

The newest single Elly Kace has released is titled “I”. Shimmering Tibetan bowls begin an angelic release of gentlest emotions. It feels like an act of self-appreciation and being the true you, as she tenderly lays out every phrase to join with upbeat melodies and glistening sounds. Distant percussion joins in, giving the whole song a celebrating feel – “I” is a soul’s anthem for hope, acceptance, and spiritual freedom.

“”I” is a song that is very dear to my heart- it may even be my favorite track on the album. It is the uncovering of my insecurity and vulnerability. In order to really offer this, I record the song curled in a blanket on my couch in Brooklyn. The lyrics share one of my deepest hopes- to overcome the limits of my body and live my life from my spirit without caring so much how others assign worth to me. While I was recording this song, my grandfather passed away from Covid 19. It gave the lyrics a whole new meaning and now the song reminds me of his soul being set free too. I hope that’s what it offers others- a feeling of liberation and release.”

“I” is part of Elly Kace’s upcoming concept album set to release on November 19th. The LP carries the title “Nothing I See Means Anything”, and it’s one of two phrases from “A Course in Miracles”, a book that influenced the artist a whole lot in the time of writing the album. That phrase as well as “Bless Them All” shaped the sound of the LP and its singles released so far, resulting in a meditative and immersive experience, a look deep within, and a path towards enlightening. The delicate pure vocals, free-flowing and haunting sound design, and use of spiritual instruments turn “I” and the other two singles into a true medicine for the soul. I would advise listening to all three singles in tandem and then once the LP drops, go for the full journey.

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