Split Persona’s new track “No You Won’t”

Is it indie? Is it hardcore? Is it pop? I’m thinking it’s a mix of it all. Split Persona’s new single is as catchy as it is heavy, deceivingly soft, and filled with spirit. A fabulous blend of groove and harshness.

Listen right now to “No You Won’t

Well, my friends, it’s almost Friday, and as we get closer to the weekend the good vibes start to rise. To add a bit more energy to your day, we bring to you this flaming hot new single by Reno, NV, USA-based alternative band, Split Persona!

I admit I’ve never heard anything like them, but it does bring to me certain Bring Me The Horizon vibes. Melodic and heavy. A nice mix was achieved by these young gentlemen, while still keeping it pop-ish. Will they be the next big thing? Let’s find out!

“No You Won’t” is Split Persona’s second single release this year, after putting out On Your Own. Hit the link to get a load of that! (They’re also included in Jpgchief’s Top 100 Songs 2021) Now, the band shows us their softer side. A melodic side with eclectic guitar solos, heavy riffs, and heartfelt singing.

Starting with a heavily compressed guitar riff, the slamming drums and crunchy bass follow almost immediately. Vocals grief with warm melodies and rise above the vibrant chorus. A stereo field of crushing guitars and harmonies flood the space with style and grace. An intoxicating groove sweeps the frequency spectrum, colliding to create this savage tune. Real pretty!

Led by the vision of Zander Hoschak and the intensely ambitious spirit of the independent rock scene, Reno-based hard rockers Split Persona got off to such a blazing start in 2019 and early 2020 that literally only a pandemic had the power to halt their momentum.

The balance achieved by these guys is truly something to appreciate, so go ahead and hit that play button to make your day just a tad better.

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