Florie Namir- “Far Far Away”

Today’s featured single comes from UK-based singer-songwriter Florie Namir. “Far Far Away” is the second single from her forthcoming EP I Wanna Be in Love, to be released on November 26. A mystical, playful, and enchanting track that mixes classical strings with pop; Florie Namir takes us through a dream-like journey about the urgency of transforming one’s life.

“Far, Far Away” expresses a time period in my life when I was fighting the lack of gravity. In my mind, I saw a place that I could not reach. As I usually do in my songwriting, I write songs to cheer myself up. So although the song expresses frustration, I hope this might resonate with people who are in the same situation, and I hope the song gives them the courage to pull it through. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! -Florie Namir

“Far, Far Away” features a wide arrange of strings. Heavily inspired by classical composition, the strings enchant us through their fluid harmonies, their ascending and descending scales, and their skipping beats. As other instruments intervene as the track continues, they give the track a multi-layered texture that allows it to be immersive, as it was a place where we would gladly get lost exploring.

Florie Namir’s vocals have a playful delivery that is a delight to listen to. A charming tone in her voice instantly catches our attention as Florie Namir allows the emotional impact of the lyrics to flow through her vocals. Furthermore, “Far, Far Away” has a catchy chorus that plays with the words and sounds of the lyrics: a technique that allows it to be just catchy enough to live on the listener’s mind even when the track is over.

“Far, Far Away” is a track that enchants the listener from the very first listen. It is a track that excites us even more about Florie Namir’s upcoming EP and puts her on our radar for future releases. We will surely not miss it out!

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