This Minneapolis band brings us a heavy dose of nostalgia with a retro-feeling vibe. Soft and mellow, “Kid” brings back memories and feelings from our past, wrapped in a neat, fuzzy-feeling track. Listen right now to “Kid“.

If you could go back to when you were a kid, would you? I know I would! Sometimes it’s inevitable to miss those carefree moments when all you had to do was to behave. Nostalgia hits us pretty soon once we’re older and it can be challenging to shake it off!

Today, Hyooman brings us their first single off their upcoming debut album “Pilot”. A single made specifically to help us deal with the heavy hand of time. “Kid” is a catharsis for nostalgia.

“Writing this song was a way of trying to purge oneself from dwelling in nostalgia.” – Hyooman

Born from the imagination of songwriter Leng Moua (vocals, guitars), Hyooman soon began to take form with the additions of McCoy Seitz (drums, vocals), Tamara Alswager (guitar, vocals), Elise Bremer (keys, vocals), and Dillon Marchus (bass). Their sound dwells between lo-fi bedroom pop and the 90s/2000s Alternative Indie Rock sound such as Grandaddy and Pavement, giving their songs a smooth retro vibe unified with mellow compositions.

Hyooman released their first single Half Brain in May 2021, and will follow up with their album “Pilot” in 2022.

“Kid” resembles everything you loved about being a kid, with soft-sung vocals and simple guitar strums. Its mix of padded synths and laid-back beat makes this song perfect to chill and relax while thinking about the golden days.

To speak about the album the band stated that: Making an album can be very laboursome and meticulous if you get lost in the details. In that way, it can suck all the joy out of the recording process and you can lose sight of the bigger picture. So the ethos behind the album was,
“Let’s not try to pursue perfection. Let’s have fun with this. Let’s bring good energy. Let’s be ourselves.” It’s about being Hyooman (human).

“Kid” is accompanied by a splendid music video recorded with an old handheld camera that Leng bout online. The footage was captured over the course of making the album – which spans between 2020-2021 – when the band members could meet safely. In that way, it’s fitting that the music video is the first single and introduction to the album.

Hyooman’s songs are short and concise, spanning between 2-3 minutes; each one with its own personality and identity. Nevertheless, cohesion is achieved because the band is represented in each song, giving them a piece of their whole.

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