Zo – Dark Hallways

This rock-fueled EP is stunning from start to finish. A galant compilation of hard-rock tunes with a heavy dose of sexy, with every instrument, flawlessly executed. “Dark Hallways” brings back retro feelings while managing to still sound modern. Listen right now to Zo’s new EP.

Well, hello there! I’m so glad to have you back again on our blog and I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Now, I understand some days can get rough, so we have brought to you a very special treat coming from this extra-talented girl and her brilliant musicians.

“Zo” is Gina Castanzo’s latest project. After being featured on NBC’s The Voice (she was only 17 years at the time) and releasing a couple of albums, later on, Gina Zo is back again with a fabulous 4 track EP that covers a very well-known topic: Love.

But not just any love. In “Dark Hallways” Gina explores three different types of love that she thinks everyone comes across at least once in our lives. Such types are: Lustful, forbidden, and hopeless love. Each love very meaningful, hurtful of course, but in the end, showing us a taste of what real love has in store for us.

For Gina, lustful love is a love that is about the physical appearance of another, or the place we met someone. She sees lustful love as the first we experience in life and is about the discovery of what it is to be in true love. “We focus on the person that we want them to be based on who we assume they are upon our first encounter.” – Gina Zo

Never Meant“, track 1, focuses on said love. Finding the “love of your life” in a bar’s basement. With soft guitar melodies and a filtered vocal the song slowly makes its way to a more developed track with swinging drums and supporting bass. The stereo field is colored with strings arrangements while soaring vocals cut through the instrumentation at the chorus. Fierce, energetic, and a bit raw, “Never Meant” gives the EP a great entrance.

Moving towards “forbidden love”, Gina explains that it’s a love we desire, based on what we know in our hearts is not good for us, but for many possible reasons, we crave. This takes us to track 2, “Cry“, whereas one might think it’s a cry of sadness, it’s actually referring to the sounds we make when making love. “For Zo, it is about the physicality of the relationship and nothing more, and for the listener, it is about the emotion that comes with the physicality she provides.

“Cry” really delivers that 80’s rock’n’roll feeling bound to be heard through the rest of the EP. Sexy, inviting and with a lot of groove, this track stands out with its Slash-esque guitars and slamming drums.

Next, we have “All The Things I Could Do” which continues on the sexy, forbidden line. Reminiscent of Bon Jovi with its open choruses and vocal harmonies, this track absolutely stuns and catches the listener in a web of grooving guitars and attitude-driven vocals.

And lastly, the harshness of hopeless love comes to us with “Touch Me Before You Say Goodnight“. “With hopeless love, we seek out a love that is very real to one, but unrealistic to the other. It is the kind of love that we hope to never encounter, although most people do, unfortunately.

In this track, Gina takes us through the moment of meeting someone and feeling as if you have known the other person your whole life. A soft ballad that starts to rise and ends up in a heavy, heartfelt climax. With a change of key, Gina really finishes delivering the full power of her amazing voice.

Joining Gina on stage are Buddy Mazzenga, Joe McEnany, Andrew Amado, and Tyler Detulleo. All Philly natives!

And lastly, here’s a special message from Gina Zo herself:

For anyone who doesn’t know me and the band: Welcome to your next journey in life! Yes – it will be a whole journey because once you join us, you’ll want to stay. I say this because I feel like our music is contagious and like a leach. It brings feelings, and love, and dancing, and passion no matter who you are. You’ll want to play it over and over, or sing it from the rooftops. These rock songs are meant to stir something deep in you. Maybe something your therapist can’t even get out. They are not just meant for you to simply listen… They are meant for you to move alongside them and take them on your journey. You should be able to listen to a rock song and feel the lyrics and the mood so deeply that you cannot hold back. This is what these songs do to you.” – Gina Zo

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