PFLAMES – “High Anxiety”

Omaha, USA, rapper PFLAMES tackles anxiety with a conscious flow within a laid-back beat. Smart rhymes and a heart-felt delivery makes of “High Anxiety” a track that needs to be heard by a lot of people. Listen right now to “High Anxiety”.

Hey, yo! What’s up my dearest friends, welcome back to Less Than 1000 where we support artists that deserve to stand out more. One of those artists is American artist, PFLAMES, a rapper/producer who plays all of his instruments and spits rhymes for days.

Playing guitar since 11 yo, and bass, drums, and piano since he was 16, PFLAMES likes to create his own melodies, beats, and hooks taking influence from artists like Jay-Z, Prince, Outkast, and Koo Koo Kal. It’s lit!

“High Anxiety” reveals PFLAMES human side. It depicts the struggles of everyday life; fear of losing your mind, facing the loss of a loved one, struggling to trust people, battling with depression, but, most of all, finding strength within…

There a lot of clever lines and gems in PFLAMES lyrics. The beat suits them perfectly and it also comes with a really well-done music video in which you can see the artist struggle with staying sober, facing the loss of his mother, and letting it all out in a “rage room”.

Here’s what PFLAMES has got to say about his single:

“The song came together pretty quickly one night. I had a lot of pent up emotions, things on my chest that I couldn’t seem to be able to express when talking to people and once I sat down to write it just flowed like a stream of consciousness. It’s one of those times I can’t even remember writing it or even having to think about it, it just flowed. After I finished the lyrics I sat down to start drafting the beat and that came together really fast too. I found this melody fairly quickly and started building around it. All in all the beat took me about 30min. I went in to lay down what was supposed to be a scratch vocal just to get it done and off of my chest. All in all from writing the first word to laying down vocals it took me all of 2hrs. Then I sat on it for like 5mo. Initially I felt it was too raw, too vulnerable for my liking, but after reluctantly playing it for a friends I got up the courage to share it with people and see how it went!

Hi anxiety is me putting my heart on display in a way I never have before but always needed to do.” – PFLAMES

What can new listeners expect from PFLAMES?

A Throwback hip hop sound and raw emotional lyrics. I’m a product of Prince and Golden era hip hop so you will get live instrumentation mixed with an attention to lyricism that hopefully leaves you feeling something…

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