Spencer Cropper “I Love You ‘Cause You Make Me Feel Loved”

A fresh artist and his equally fresh single. This song comes with an uncropped quantity of love and it’s not a love song of two people who just met and fell in love. This single holds this wonderful sense of stability and warmth in it, that particular kind that’s home for long-term relationships. An ode of love, I would say.

Spencer Cropper is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer. Music is an integral part of his life like drinking water – music is dear to this artist and the creative process of writing a new song excites him like nothing else. Spencer grew up listening to Paul McCartney and John Lennon among other classics and he’s very much inspired by them as well as artists like The 1975, Dayglow and Tame Impala. His list of releases is still very small, but he promises to expand it a great deal, and the existing three singles offer a lot already. Those are some of the sunniest and most cheerful songs you could hope for. Warm, hearty, and wonderfully crafted songs that feel like having a great vacation in the countryside with friends.

“Expect songs brimming with excitement and energy. When you listen to my music, I aim to leave you smiling and feeling like the sun just came out from behind a really annoying cloud (that’s why I call it Sunshine Pop!). I live to make music, and guarantee that I will have a new song out once a month from now until FOREVER.”

Spencer Cropper

The first single of Spencer’s carries a long title “I Love You ’cause You Make Me Feel Loved” and it opens the door to an infinite amount of gratitude, delight, and love. Right from the beginning, the brass instruments bring in a full-bodied vibrant feeling as he sings the pure simple feelings in an unbeatably enamoring way. It feels like a love song of a happily married man, and I haven’t heard a lot of songs like that. I can only imagine the rosy-cheeked blush on the wife’s face at this point.

“This song was written in September 2019, and it was the first song I had written in about six months. I had been working six days a week (although it felt like nine days a week!) managing a Tim Hortons restaurant… and while I saved lots of money for recording, I was totally blocked creatively. On a Tuesday morning I went to work, quitting and turning around before walking out of those depressing doors for the last time. Since then, I’ve written well over 100 songs, joined 5 bands and grown more than I ever imagined possible. While there will be many, many songs of mine, this will always be the FIRST!
I recorded over 150 hours of takes for this song. It wasn’t amazing when I wrote it and I didn’t know a whole lot about music production… but I wasn’t going to let anyone or anything stand in my way. I worked for months on end before hiring a producer (to record for many more months on end and spend all my money!). In my opinion, you have to be obsessed to be great and this song is still the most obsessed I’ve ever been. More obsessed with it than a lover, more obsessed with it than the BEATLES (a phrase that I would have considered a crime before creating this world of sound!). I hope you enjoy, and I hope it makes you feel like you’re listening to true love.”

Spencer Cropper

This lovely song is perhaps one of the greatest representations of a happy relationship or a marriage. For me, it feels like watching the pictures of my parents being happy together or listening to them joyfully pecking away on some random topic. A cozy song living in the fact there’s someone who loves you so much as you are.

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