Cicci Landén “Over Again”

Today’s single can be best described as lush, vibrant, and loaded with meaning. This song and the artist will definitely find a place in the hearts of all people loving Americana, folk, and honest indie!

Cicci Landén is a Swedish-based Americana artist with a serene voice. She grew up surrounded by music and knows the magic of music well, particularly the soulful, nearly spiritual side of it. Cicci’s music carries elements of blues, country, and singer-songwriter, making for a beautiful light blend full of soul and meaningfulness. Inspiration comes in from the windows and doors of life – she retells life stories put into captivating lyrics and allows them to soar atop her pure and passionate voice. The newest release of hers is no different!

Over Again” is Cicci’s new single with a healthy dose of heartwarming indie sound. Vibrant guitar notes make the song tingle pleasantly and the song’s movie-like driving atmosphere follows a story of passion and hatred. It’s a tale of family feuds that never die out and keep on repeating themselves, repeating history. Hating each other and refusing to change the course, and the process repeats over and over again, she sings with a certain thread of tiredness in her voice – why are you doing this, the artist seems to ask between the lines.

Sunny and warm sound, almost like a summer night at a bonfire holds a little bit of a contrast to the story, yet it fits so well with the laid-back rhythm. The beginning of the song immediately makes it clear this song is full of strong feelings – it feels like the aftermath of an explosive dinner between two families overseen by the artist. For me, it paints a clear image of a stubborn older generation and hurt, confused and questioning younger generations, and burning family morals. Movie in the form of a song, and a reminder to keep your eyes open, being blinded by emotions causes a lot of trouble.

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