Collin Stanley – “Gone Through Hell”

Collin Stanley and his band deliver an infectious rock and roll groove in this steady-paced, heavy-driven new single. “Gone Through Hell” is catchy, swaggy, and raw. If you’re into Queens Of The Stone Age, The White Stripes and Kyuss, this track is for you!

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Today, a rock’n’roller from New York, USA has arrived with a super cool, fuzz-filled, guitar-riff-driven track. “Gone Through Hell” is just the perfect amount of heavy, excellent for all you slick groove lovers. I’m talking about Collin Stanley, an artist who has been around since 2012, kicking and screaming all around the Detroit and New York rock scene.

Since he was a boy, Collin fell in love with the guitar, following the musical footsteps of total legends and game-changers like Zeppelin, The Stooges, Floyd, Bowie, Cooper, MC5, The White Stripes, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and more. He naturally decided to create a sound of his own and since then has been touring and playing non-stop, achieving major ground-brakes like collaborating with Grammy/Oscar-winning producer Jeff Bass in 2013.

“Gone Through Hell” is Collin’s new sexy sonic experience with heavy guitar riffs, crunching bass, and slamming drums. Powerful vocals and smooth transitions give the track a nice garage rock aesthetic combined with smooth Stoner Rock overtones.

Since the release of his debut EP, “Can’t go home” in 2012, the artist has been giving a lot to talk about, placing him in the top of various playlists around the globe!

Stanley is at his explosive best on “Gone Through Hell,” delivering a wild slice of insightful entertainment that is guaranteed to get the people talkin’ – and more crucially, listening and creating meaningful change.

So, if you’re into the greasiness of rock, we hope that you enjoy Collin’s new creation!

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